Health Benefits of Kissing

As you’re probably aware, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. What better way to celebrate than a quiet dinner and a kiss?

In fact, a good smooch might be more beneficial than you think. Besides the obvious perks of landing on cloud nine, kissing is surprisingly, a very healthy activity.

To begin with, a passionate kissing session stimulates saliva in your mouth. While not very appealing when it finds its way out of the mouth, saliva is actually one of your best defenses against the bacteria that cause plaque. Saliva keeps your mouth’s pH level slightly alkaline—a less than ideal environment for tooth-eating bacteria. Saliva also has a high concentration of calcium and phosphate ions, the main ingredients of teeth. Microscopic lesions in tooth enamel created by bacteria can be remineralized and thus protected by saliva.

Kissing also burns calories. Now we aren’t talking huge amounts of calories. A kiss a day does not keep the doctor away. Still, locking lips can burn anywhere from two to six calories a minute. Depending on how long you plan on kissing after dinner, you could get quite a workout.

A good kiss can also help relieve stress. According to one study reported by the Associated Press, after kissing for 15 minutes, couples showed a significant drop in levels of cortisol—a hormone related to stress.

So whether you’re trying to relax, get a little exercise, or simply have a romantic night, kissing your loved one this Valentine’s Day is the way to go. To set up an appointment with Greenspoint Dental, call our office today.