How to Handle Dental Anxiety

Nearly 10% of Americans have mild to severe forms of dental anxiety. If you fear the dentist you probably arrive to the appointment  with cold sweats. In severe cases, you may avoid seeing the dentist for treatment all together. Dental anxiety is very real, but can be combatted when proper coping mechanisms are utilized for dental patients. Below lists a few ways to rise above your dental anxiety in order to properly treat your teeth and maintain strong oral health.


Overcoming Mild Dental Anxiety

Mild dental anxiety usually can be contributed to bad previous experiences. It may cause you to feel nervous or uncomfortable when entering the dentist office and sitting in the dental chair. Mild to moderate dental anxiety ranges from a conscious fear of what you may or may not appreciate about the treatment to actually having high blood pressure and life altering nerves. These symptoms can make the treatment difficult. In order to control this fear, follow these simple steps.


Talk to your dentist

If there is something the dentist mentions that makes you particularly anxious, do not be afraid to ask questions. The dentists at Greenspoint Dental in Houston, Texas are prepared to answer any and all questions related to your personal dental anxieties. Your dentist can assure you that the procedures are harmless and will not affect your overall health or ability to live a natural, healthy life.


Practicing breathing techniques

Many victims of anxiety are referred to this method whenever feeling uncontrollably uneasy. The best way to slow your heart rate and feel stable is to count your breaths – five second breathing in, five seconds to release. Finding a way to get control of your body and thoughts can reduce dental anxiety and allow for you and your dentist to comfortably get through the appointment.


Using relaxation techniques

Dental anxiety can be combatted by simply meditating. Take your mind to a blank space that makes you feel calm and collected. When you feel in control, your dental anxiety will subside, allowing you to effectively speak to your dentist about keeping up with oral health.


Overcoming Severe Dental Anxiety


Severe dental anxiety can be explained as debilitating. Some who suffer from severe anxiety may have trouble even walking into the office in the first place, and they definitely are not sitting in that chair. If you find yourself in such a predicament, there are a series of solutions to help you breakthrough your fears.




Severe dental anxiety is a legitimate phobia that can require professional assistance. Consult a therapist or psychiatrist about your inner fears and find the true root of your resistance to dental care. In many cases, there are prior triggers or traumatic events that lead to an ultimate fear of the dentist. Trusting in someone who is there to help you overcome these battles is a great place to start.


Support Networks


Just like all life changing disorders, anxiety can be treated through group therapy and support networks. Find a forum online of people who feel the way you do about dental care and learn ways they chose to cope with their dental anxiety. Overcoming a debilitating fear takes time and it is helpful to find others who feel, or have felt, the same way you do.




If you choose rotten teeth over going to the dentist due to your severe dental anxiety, Greenspoint Dental has a solution for you. Although it is not preferred to use sedation for ordinary dental cleanings, we do offer it as a coping mechanism. The dentists’ ultimate goal is to ensure your oral health is in check so the rest of your body can properly function. Whether it’s laughing gas or actual anesthetic, the dentists at Greenspoint want to make you feel comfortable while giving you the treatment you need.


If you or someone you know suffers from mild or severe dental anxiety, contact Greenspoint Dental in Houston, Texas today. We offer multiple options to help combat these fears so we can keep our patients healthy and happy.