How to Make Your Holiday Smile Bright

The holiday season reminds us of how much we enjoy each other’s company through the many get-togethers with friends and family. This annual meet-up guarantees that there will be many pictures taken to see how much everyone has changed in the past year. There are probably a few things you hope to see differently in this year’s photos – maybe you like your new haircut or lost a few pounds – but your smile is probably not one of them. Having a bright white smile makes you stand out from the crowd, but drinking three cups of coffee a day may have hindered that chance.   Alas! There are a few things Greenspoint Dental can do to assist you in bringing back your pearly white smile before the holiday picture fest begins.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Package

  In the spirit of giving, Greenspoint Dental has a teeth whitening special for those of you on the go, but in need of a quick whitening fix. All it takes is one dental exam to create the perfect mold for your whitening trays. Come back a couple of days later and we will have two sets of custom-made whitening trays (top and bottom) and two tubes of whitening gel. The dentists at Greenspoint know that you don’t have time for a long whitening dental appointment, so we provide you with the tools to do it at home, at your convenience.

Zoom! Whitening

  Sometimes at-home whitening trays don’t work out as we plan. If you are one that has tried and tried again to do it yourself, it may be time to try something new. Zoom! Whitening is a one appointment procedure that can boost your teeth up to eight times whiter! Forget about the sensitivity that comes with at-home whitening kits, Zoom! is painless, leaving you free to go straight from the dentist to your holiday family portraits. This procedure has longterm effects that will wipe away those coffee stains and keep them gone for months.

Reduced Dental Veneers

  If you have tried teeth whitening and do not get the results you are looking for, Greenspoint Dental suggests getting a set of veneers. As an alternative, veneers are thin, porcelain caps that improve your smile instantly. They hide anything from discoloration to chips and uneven teeth. For a brighter smile, look into the Greenspoint Dental reduced veneers package. We are offering two sets per person at a discounted rate so you and your loved one can get a smile upgrade for the holiday season. With minimal invasion and no recovery period, veneers will instantly give you the best smile in the room.   A bright smile makes the perfect start to a family-filled holiday season. Don’t be embarrassed of your smile this season, and contact Greenspoint Dental to set up your whitening appointment. Paired with a vigorous at home dental routine, our whitening techniques will keep your smile fresh and bright well after the holidays are over.