How Veneers Can Change Your Life

One of the most prominent features of the human face is the smile. A beautiful, clean smile can light up a room, help us connect with strangers, or attract a mate. Beyond its effects on others, research shows that a genuine smile can improve our own lives. Smiling is shown to reduce our stress and blood pressure, and increase our mood and immune function.

It’s one of the most primitive communication tools we have as human beings. We could smile long before we could talk, so it can be debilitating for those of us who go through our day hiding and obsessing over our teeth.

I know because I’ve been there. In 2009, I was left with a gaping hole in the front of my mouth due do an elbow I took in a basketball game. Every morning I was reminded that my smile was affected when I rubbed my tongue along the chip of my front tooth.

It’s an uneasy feeling. You feel unattractive, like it’s the only thing people notice about you. You feel insecure and uncomfortable connecting with anybody because you imagine it’s all they’ll think about. You find yourself staying quiet in groups and limiting your smile to a tightly lipped grin.

Once, I was in a Barnes & Noble and had momentarily forgotten about the giant gap in my mouth. An attractive stranger smiled at me from across the aisle. I smiled back and watched her jump back in shock when she saw I only had 50% of my front teeth. It was so embarrassing.

Whereas others biggest crises may be getting caught with a piece of spinach in their teeth, we are continuously aware that our chipped tooth requires more than a toothpick, but what can you do?

Veneers can be a simple solution. Veneers are “extremely thin, yet durable shells crafted from dental grade-porcelain or other materials such as Lithium Disilicates (Emax).” They are placed over the front of the tooth, making them look full and natural. They are also becoming a more popular option to repair damaged teeth. From the late 1990s to mid-00s, members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reported a 250% increase in the number of veneer procedures performed.

Veneers aren’t just for chipped teeth either. They can help with stained, worn down, crooked or misshapen teeth, and uneven spaces and gaps. All of which can crush our confidence and wellbeing.

Once I had my teeth fixed, I remember how my confidence skyrocketed. I felt relaxed and in the moment again. I easily smiled at strangers. I found myself becoming more extraverted in groups and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

Veneers can help get you back to feeling like yourself. When you’re not constantly stressed about your smile, you find yourself relaxed and at ease throughout the day. You’re able to freely connect with others and be yourself. Veneers can change your life.