LANAP Aftercare Explained

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Laser-assisted new attachment procedure or LANAP is a specialized periodontal regeneration technique that uses laser pulse variations to remove diseased tissue and stimulate the regrowth of both the gums and the bones while encouraging gum reattachment.

It is an innovative and non-invasive way of treating patients with moderate to severe periodontitis without having to conduct traditional oral surgeries. The recovery time is short, aftercare is straightforward, and the results are impressive and long-lasting.

Why Should i choose LANAP over Traditional Gum Surgery?

There are a wide variety of options for patients diagnosed with advanced periodontitis.  Advanced gum disease can be painful, but with the proper procedures and ongoing care, it is treatable.

Traditional periodontal surgery is commonly recommended for patients with serious gum disease. Some examples of common surgeries include flap/pocket reduction surgery, bone grafts, guided tissue regeneration, and bone surgery. These invasive traditional methods can be expensive, painful, and time-consuming. With long recovery times and laborious aftercare routines, some patients are left wondering if a better option exists.

Laser-assisted, new-attachment procedure is an innovative and non-invasive way to treat periodontitis without scalpels or sutures. It is the only scientifically proven and FDA-approved procedure for lasting periodontal regeneration. 

LANAP is unique in its capability to target unhealthy gum tissues while preserving healthy tissue. Another substantial benefit of LANAP is its ability to slow gum tissue from detaching from teeth while decreasing the pocket depth between the gums and teeth. These reduced areas of pocket depth are vital in protecting teeth from any further buildup of bacteria. LANAP also allows for gum growth without introducing additives to your body. In traditional periodontal surgery methods, surgeons may inject artificial growth additives into your gums. With LANAP, you can rest assured knowing your treatment is the most effective and least invasive on the market.

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How Long is LANAP Recovery?

The recovery time, just like the procedure time, is fairly quick. The entire LANAP procedure can be completed in as little as one two-hour dental visit. LANAP recovery duration, as with any treatment, depends on the specific patient’s circumstances, but it is typically relatively short. 

Traditional surgical gum procedures may leave your mouth prone to infections, but the LANAP laser seals and sterilize your gums, blood vessels, and nerve endings to stimulate the natural healing process. Initial recovery times are about a week, but patients should take caution using excessive force chewing or biting or engaging in risky behaviors like contact sports for around two months. 

Since it is non-invasive in nature and doesn’t require drugs or anesthesia, you can drive yourself home right after the procedure. Your gums may appear discolored for a few days but will return to normal quite quickly.

How Should i care for my gums post lanap?

After LANAP, patients may experience some swelling and minor soreness around the gums and mouth. If you experience discomfort, you should gargle with a salt-water solution. After the procedure, you can mix one teaspoon of salt with 8 oz of warm water and gargle to reduce irritation and inflammation while keeping your mouth clean. You can repeat this process as many times as you’d like.

You will be instructed to follow a liquid and/or soft food diet for the immediate days following the procedure. However, patients are typically able to resume normal activities in about 7-10 days. We recommend eating soft foods like soup, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, or smoothies initially following the procedure. You should avoid using a straw as this creates suction in the mouth that may hinder the healing process. Avoid overly crunchy and sticky foods for at least 6 weeks following your procedure.

After the 7-10 day mark, you can resume your regular brushing schedule, and after about 4 weeks you can begin flossing again. Your dentist will provide you with a comprehensive guide on specific aftercare techniques after your procedure to clear up any confusion or anxiety surrounding recovery. Make sure to thoroughly read and understand these instructions, as well as ask your dentist any questions you may have so you can make the most of your LANAP investment.

How can I Increase the longevity of my LANAP results?

If you deliberately follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions, you shouldn’t run into any issues following treatment. However, it is important to plan to visit your dentist for regular teeth cleanings and checkups following your procedure. 

We recommend visiting your dentist every 3 months for the first year following the procedure, and every 6 months for routine oral care after that. Regular teeth cleaning will discourage plaque and tartar build up, and reduce your risk of developing periodontitis.

Remember, LANAP will not guarantee healthy gums for life. You should continue to practice or implement a deliberate and thorough dental hygiene routine to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy for decades to come.

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