National Dessert Day: Eat Sweet Without Cavities

October 14 is the official National Dessert Day. We know how hard it can be to be conscious of your oral health on such an occasion, and foods overloaded with sugar always seem like the best options to satisfy those sweet cravings. So, we compiled a list of all the best alternatives to sugary desserts that will totally satisfy your untameable sweet tooth without damaging your teeth or giving you cavities.   Chocolate Covered Fruit Whether you’re big on strawberries or more of a banana lover, cover it in chocolate and you are in business. As far as candy goes, chocolate contains less sugar than most (especially dark chocolate!) and still satisfies that sweet craving. Strawberries are also well known for their malic acid which contain natural teeth whitening side effects. Two in one!   Yogurt Parfait This is a great alternative to ice cream and you can dress it up however you want! Start with a couple dollops of Greek yogurt (plain or vanilla), then add any toppings you want: granola, raisins, nuts, fruit and even graham crackers! It gives you the sweet you’re craving while keeping the sugar count low to avoid cavities.   PB&J Okay, we know this isn’t a dessert, but it will do the trick! Staying with the fruit theme, choose a sugar free jelly flavor such as sugar free blackberry or apricot. Jelly has a lot of natural sweeteners and will leave your sweet tooth happy. Use wheat bread and crunchy peanut butter for an extra health boost and dose of protein. Or add honey if you just can’t resist the sweet!   Natural Fruit Popsicles Believe it or not, there are natural popsicles that are delicious with no added sugar or corn syrup, just natural fruit that keeps the teeth free of sugary stick and cavities. Fruit popsicles are great for hot days, especially like the ones we experience in Texas.   Cereal and Milk (or Cereal Bars) There are plenty of cereal brands that use natural sweeteners and whole grain oats to bring the hearty taste of a breakfast pastry to a practical quick meal or snack. It’s filling and nutritious. If you need something on the go, look into buying cereal or granola bars. They contain small amounts of sugar but have lasting energy effects that are worth the small bit of sugar.   And the list goes on… our main takeaway? Switch your sweets for fruit that boasts natural sugars. It’s the best way to get a fix without having to fix your teeth. Sugar is a huge contributor to cavities and can easily be minimized if you take the time to choose the right kind of sweet snacks. As always, make a trip to the dentist to help combat the sugar leftover on your teeth, and in no time your teeth with be in perfect condition. Visit Greenspoint Dental in the Houston, Texas area for a dental cleaning and exam. Contact us today to set up a cleaning and whitening appointment!