How to Optimize Oral Health: Two Techniques

optimize oral health Optimizing our health is a constant process. We have to continually educate ourselves on new techniques and get rid of old techniques that have suddenly been proved to be unhealthy as opposed to what we learned in the past.

Today we wanted to go over two simple techniques that can help you optimize oral health, bad breath, and general bodily health as well. Our bodies are interconnected on so many levels. Remember, keeping your mouth clean and healthy helps keep your entire body clean and healthy.

Tongue Scraping

Did your parents ever tell you to be sure and brush your tongue while brushing your teeth? do you ever wonder why doctors ask to look at your tongue? Did you know that doctors in India have examined the tongue for tell-tale signs about overall health for thousands of years? In fact, we can tell a lot about our health just by looking at our tongue each morning because our tongues are interconnected with the rest of our body. Click here to see a picture.

Tooth brushes aren’t designed for tongue cleaning or tongue scraping. Instead, you need a tongue scraper (check some out here , here , and here ). Tongue scrapers are designed so that they can easily scrape off debris, bacteria, fungi, and dead cells from your tongue. Have you ever woken up with that thick filmy slime on your tongue? You need a tongue scraper! The benefits of tongue scraping and keeping a clean tongue include:

  1. better breath
  2. improved ability to taste
  3. toxins kept from being reabsorbed back into your body
  4. improved dental health
  5. stimulated body

How Do You Use A Tongue Scraper?

The process is simple. The tongue scraper is generally a U-shaped piece of metal that you scrape across the surface of your tongue. Basically, you just extend your tongue and run the scraper over your tongue. Be gentle at first or you might cause your tongue to bleed. Eventually your tongue will get used to it. Scrape the surfaces of your tongue until there is no more film left. The first time you use it in the morning you will be so surprised by how much gunk is you scrape off (an probably grossed out). Scrape and clean your tongue each morning to reap all the benefits of tongue scraping to optimize your oral health. After your done scraping, wash the tongue cleaner with hot water and brush your teeth.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is another simple, cheap technique that’s been around forever but modern society has forgotten about its benefits. The idea is that we use water to wash things out when we brush, but an oil based substance can better dissolve oil based plaque and bacteria (like dissolves like). This is another practice that started in India thousands of years ago. The technique helps detoxify the mouth and keep bacteria and germs from entering the body. This has shown to have added effects to overall bodily health, to whiten teeth, and to optimize oral health.

How to Do Oil Pulling

All you need is a vegetable oil. Studies shows that sesame oil and coconut oil work the best because of their antibacterial properties.

  1. Throw about 1-2 teaspoons of oil into your mouth.
  2. Swish for twenty minutes. The timing is important because if you don’t swish for twenty minutes, you don’t get rid of all the bacteria and if you go for two long, the bacteria can be reabsorbed into the body.
  3. Spit out into a trash can. You don’t want these germs and bacteria growing in your sink.
  4. Rinse with warm water.
  5. Brush your teeth.

When Should I Practice Oil Pulling?

Because the practice is so time consuming, first thing in the morning while your getting ready for the day is generally a good time. Sometimes it’s recommended to do it before every meal if you are suffering from severe oral health problems.

What Are The Benefits?

There are a lot of debates about what the actual benefits of oil pulling therapy. However, the consensus is that it supports optimal oral health. It’s argued that it has benefits for organ health and disease prevention. If you decide to start doing this practice each morning, then be aware of how your body feels and your teeth. Expect to have cleaner, less sensitive, and whiter teeth!

Always Talk To Your Dentist Before Trying Anything New

These techniques can be different for each individual. Although there is a wealth of information supporting oil pulling and tongue scraping, you should still consult with your dentist or medical professional to make sure these techniques are good for your body. Call us today and schedule an appointment.