How to Prevent Stained Teeth

To have healthy teeth you have to maintain good oral hygiene, that means brushing your teeth regularly and flossing daily. Not only will this help with your oral health but it also aids in making your teeth look better aesthetically. No matter who you talk to and what their preferences are, everybody will vote that a set of clean, healthy teeth is always better than rotten, decayed teeth. Stained teeth can easily appear decayed which makes your teeth look unhealthy, no matter how well you take care for them. To prevent your teeth from appearing decayed or getting stained, there are a couple of things you can do.

Avoid Teeth Staining Beverages

  • Red Wine – Drinking red wine can color your teeth immediately and overtime cause significant staining.
  • Coffee – Not only is this a dark colored beverage but there is also caffeine in it, which damages enamel and aids in the staining process.
  • Tea – Although soothing to drink, tea is a major teeth staining culprit. Try to stick to herbal and green teas which are less likely to stain your teeth than regular black tea.
  • Soda – Soda has no benefits for your health or teeth, it is extremely acidic and wears down your teeth enamel and causes staining especially if you are sipping on it all day.

Use a Straw

tooth enamel erosion, dental houstonSince some of us can’t resist a caffeinated beverage once in awhile, try using a straw which can reduce the amount of liquid that actually touches your teeth. This will reduce staining on your teeth dramatically, and still allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks.

Brush and Rinse

The best preventative measure to reduce staining on your teeth is to rinse after you drink dark beverages or anything that you know has a high staining power. You can also practice good oral hygiene and make sure to properly brush your teeth to remove any leftover stain causing residue.

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