Quick Tips on Avoiding Offensive Breath Smell

There have been moments you have encountered where you limit opening your mouth because of, let’s say, garlic or onion breath. This smell is very normal and non-offensive during lunch and dinner. The problem is having an offending breath smell during a conversation is not all nice. Never fear! There are, of course, lots of ways to prevent bad breath or halitosis. The quickest way, perhaps, is popping a mint but your dentist may not agree with it.

Shish and Swoosh

Rinsing you mouth with premixed mouth wash or plain water actually expels the food particles in between teeth. No reason for bacteria to live in your mouth if you don’t give them their preferred environment.

Brush and Floss

Dental plaque, according to science, is a natural occurrence in our oral cavity. It is a film buildup on teeth that decelerates the growth of harmful microorganisms in the mouth. The thing is, having lots and lots of dental plaques may suggest that the mouth is trying to catch up with the number of bacteria. A simple yet effective way to reduce the number of these microbes is to brush teeth frequently and floss. Remember, accumulation of small particles of food stuck in the crevices, fissures and chinks of the teeth is a very good medium for these microorganisms to thrive.

Tongue: Your Sharpest Weapon

Our tongue is a very vital organ in speaking, producing sound and of course, eating. When its health is deliberately ignored, it could also aid in the emission of foul smelling breath that can sink the morale of the bravest soldiers. Most often, the tongue is, unfortunately, ignored when brushing the teeth. The problem: the back of the tongue is a very good avenue for microbes. The passage of air is very limited in this area of the mouth making anaerobic microorganisms to grow and multiply, thus, the invention of tongue scraper. This specialized tool is specifically engineered to reach the back of the tongue without inducing an uneasy feeling (touching the uvula and inducing gag reflex).

Take Cigarettes of the Regimen

This one is a no brainer. You probably enjoy the high smoking induces but truthfully, and science has a lot of evidences of oral diseases directly attributed to smoking to showcase, it never is worth the trouble. Smoking is very harmful to the oral cavity, lungs and overall health plus the fact that it yellows the teeth (not aesthetically appealing).


Yeah, this is the part where the teeth join your mouth. This is a problematic one. Unlike the teeth and tongue, this cannot be as easily addressed. Gingivitis is a condition wherein the gums swell and bleed with or without trauma. Nevertheless, it is treatable. Have an appointment with your dentist arranged so you could properly address this one.

Regular dental visit is very vital in the maintenance of a healthy oral hygiene. A dental expert, of course, can give you the most suitable and applicable advice on your oral cavity situation. Besides, they spent years studying specifically the oral cavity.