Restore Your Smile

If you need a quick, simple, inexpensive fix for minor problems with your teeth then you may want to check out how a procedure like dental bonding could help you. Dental bonding can give you a refreshed smile by fixing any imperfections your teeth may have. Dental
Bonding is a type of restorative dentistry but unlike other procedures that can take months to complete, this can be done in one visit, in a short time with little hassle and no pain.

Dental Bonding, Restore your smileDental Bonding is an easy procedure that attaches a material that mimics the appearance of a tooth called composite resin to the surfaces of your teeth that need restoration. This resin covers up the areas that have problems, which gives the tooth a new look. Although, it is more temporary than other dental procedures, there are many other benefits that are hard to pass up. Dental bonding is extremely inexpensive, there is no recovery time, no anesthesia is necessary unless you are getting a cavity fixed, and the material used looks exactly like your normal teeth.

Dental Bonding procedures can fix:

  • cavities
  • chipped teeth
  • cracked teeth
  • areas with decay
  • gaps or irregular spacing between teeth
  • any areas that are worn or appear aged

Instead of spending money to replace a whole tooth or going through a lengthy, expensive process to fix a minor problem, you can choose a simple procedure like dental bonding. If you would like to know more about restorative dental services, contact Greenspoint Dental.