Say “Cheese!” Now Say, “Helps Prevent Cavities!”

We all know that dairy helps get your teeth the calcium they need to stay strong and ward off cavities. But do some dairy foods do that better than others? Researchers led a study to look at the different effects milk, cheese and yogurt could have on the teeth and found some surprising news.

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More than 60 people participated in the study. Each was assigned to a group where they were required to chew or swish around milk, cheese or yogurt. All of the participants were young teenagers. Members of each group had the pH of their mouths tested at different intervals after chewing. With milk and yogurt there was no real change in the pH of the subjects’ mouths. But with cheese the pH rose steadily. While this might sound bad, it’s actually great news. A slightly higher pH in the mouth can help prevent cavities.

And It’s Cheese With The Win!

Normally we think of food sticking on teeth as a bad thing. But with cheese it’s only good news. The small particles of cheese that do stick on teeth actually help protect the teeth from acid and erosion. Listed below are some fun ways to incorporate a little more cheese in your diet:

  • Sprinkle a little feta on a salad. The cheese is lower in fat calories than most, and because of its inherently strong flavor you can use less and it still be flavorful.

  • You might think those string cheese sticks are just for kids, but they can be a surprisingly healthy snack choice. They are not anymore processed than any other store-bought cheese, mozzarella is actually just naturally more spongey and easily pulled apart. The cheese is also made from skim milk lowering its fat content.

Call Dr. Bosse of Greenspoint Dental today and until then choose cheese!