Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Boost Kids’ Dental Health

Most of the time, a stocking stuffer ranges from things like candy and hot wheels or lip gloss. While the generic stocking stuffers are always sure to please the kiddos, why not try something a little more healthy and unexpected? There are a million health-related goodies that kids will marvel over without even knowing how great they really are for their overall well-being and their dental health.

Flavored Toothpaste

These days, you can get just about every flavor of toothpaste there is, so why get it for a stocking stuffer instead of a crazy candy or chocolate bar? If your kids are like most, they probably dread bedtime and having to brush their teeth. Gifting them with a health conscious sugary treat will keep them going back to the sink for another cleaning. The flavors available are tasty for kids and adults. Try getting them a cupcake flavor, or cinnamon for kids who love Big Red. Adding excitement to your everyday dental health routine will keep your kids healthy and happy.


Refillable Water Bottle

There’s nothing worse than buying an entire case of plastic water bottles and watching them all go to waste. And you don’t want to be the mom that packs their kids a soda for lunch. Get your child a refillable water bottle in their favorite color or sport brand. Companies like North Face and Nike sell reusable water bottles in all different shapes and sizes depending on your child’s needs. Giving them a reason to constantly drink water is also great for their overall health, and even their dental health! The best way to avoid cavities is to constantly rinse your mouth with water, so your kid can get a quick swish after all the leftover holiday candy treats. Give your kids a stocking stuffer they can enjoy for a long time.


Themed Toothbrush

We all know that when a kid finds a movie or a TV show they adore, there is nothing else they can think about. If your kid is a Star Wars fan you can find every necessity available in the shape of a Storm Trooper. Go online or to your local grocery store and you will find a large variety of different toothbrushes sure to have one of your child’s favorite characters on it. Combine their favorite cartoon with an unbeatable cupcake toothpaste and your kid will be brushing all day every day.


Hand Sanitizer

It may seem insignificant to dental health, but hear us out. Most likely your child spends a good part of their day with their hands in their mouth or up their nose (it’s gross, but so true). Much of the decay and plaque buildup in children’s mouths comes from constant nail biting or thumb sucking. Keep it clean this year with a hand sanitizer that smells amazing. Choose a cherry scent or one that smells like your kid’s favorite holiday candy. The best kind of stocking stuffer is one they can use wherever they go.


There is a good chance your child doesn’t think twice about their dental health. Make it easy for them to stay clean by buying them tools that are fun and creative to keep them interested. If you need more ideas for a quick stocking stuffer or want to set up a general dental health appointment for your child, contact Greenspoint Dental in Houston, Texas. We love helping parents help their children maintain proper dental health year round.