Super Food for Super Teeth

Fall may be the most anticipated season of the year. Whether it’s the first day of school or the beginning of football season, we all have a reason to celebrate. The celebrations aren’t the same without indulging yourself with various types of food and drinks – especially the kind that is deliciously unhealthy. Save your teeth from utter destruction this season by keeping in mind these five foods that will keep your smile bright!

1. Cheese

Cheese is without a doubt one of the most popular party foods around. Having a game watching party without queso in Texas is considered sinful to most fans. Luckily for you, cheese is extremely high in calcium, which keeps teeth strong and healthy. Cheese can even neutralize acids to protect your teeth from enamel wear. Now you can “say cheese” without feeling self-conscious.

2. Apples

Your mom wasn’t kidding when she said, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Not only do apples contain substances that boost your immune system, they are also natural toothbrushes. The crisp texture scrubs the enamel and freshens your breath instantly.

3. Cranberries

A recent study has named cranberries the new teeth lifesaver. The slightly acidic fruit juice has been noted as a natural deterrent of plaque. It’s properties interrupt the bonding of bacteria to teeth before forming plaque.

4. Salmon

Wild Salmon provides an excess amount of Vitamin D as well as other fatty fish like Mackerel. Vitamin D allows the body to absorb calcium at a quicker rate than other sources, which is critical for gum and teeth strength.

5. Almonds


Most nuts are a great source of protein and provide our bodies with numerous minerals that increase lifestyle including phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Almonds happen to have one of the highest amounts of calcium a nut can offer. Other minerals in almonds allow for a better cycle of enamel remineralization.


It can be hard to eat the right foods when the wrong ones are more desirable. Now, you don’t have to compromise! These foods are not only delicious but increase your oral and overall health. If you are experiencing oral pain or are interested in getting a teeth cleaning before the Fall season truly begins, contact Greenspoint Dental in the Houston, Texas area to set up an appointment.