Surgical Treatment Options For Periodontal Disease

By brushing regularly and correctly, flossing daily and visiting a dentist for biannual cleanings you are putting yourself at very low risk for ever developing gingivitis and subsequently periodontitis. So this blog post is already irrelevant to you right?! We hope so. But if you’ve missed a couple cleanings, sometimes skip brushing before bed and aren’t entirely sure where you could find floss in your house, then periodontal disease isn’t ruled out. Listed below are some possible surgical procedures used to treat periodontitis. Here’s to hoping you’ll never have to experience them first hand!cleaning, prevention, professional

Flap Procedure and Pocket Reduction

During this procedure the gum is folded over and the tartar and bacteria are cleaned from beneath the gumline. Then the gum is replaced and made to fit more tightly around the tooth (since it becomes loose as a result of the periodontitis). Now there is less room for bacteria to make a home in your gums!

Bone Surgery

During this procedure small craters, often a result of slight decay, can be buffed and polished out of teeth. In many severe cases the tooth must be completely extracted and is nonrecoverable.

Guided Bone and Tissue Regeneration

During this procedure a small piece of fabric is inserted between the gum and the bone to create space where either bone or tissue can regrow.

Tissue and Bone Grafts

These kinds of procedures take bone or gum tissue from a different place in your mouth, or occasionally from an entirely different donor, and graft them in your mouth so that they can regrow there.

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