Teeth and Tots: Make Brushing Fun for Kids

Most adults understand the importance of brushing their teeth. Some brush out of necessity. Others crave the feeling of having a clean mouth, while many simply brush to keep their breath from smelling bad. Regardless of motivation, many adults keep up with their daily brushing and do not need to be reminded. They understand that not brushing can lead to plaque buildup and eventually tooth decay.

Try explaining this to a young child, however, and they will look at you like you grew a second head. Many children simply do not understand — or care about — the importance of daily brushing. How, then, can you motivate a child keep to their teeth clean? Make brushing fun! Children will want to brush their teeth if they enjoy it. Here are some ways to make brushing fun for your child:


#1: Buy Deliciously-Flavored Toothpaste

Most children crave sweet things, whether it is cake, ice cream, candy, soda, and other food and beverages packed full of sugar. Use this craving to their advantage. Your local pharmacy or grocery store likely has a whole aisle dedicated to toothpaste; choose a toothpaste flavor they will enjoy, such as strawberry, watermelon, bubble gum, and more. Your child will love scrubbing their teeth with their favorite flavor.


#2: Buy Them a “Cool” Toothbrush

Children love to use their imagination, drawing inspiration from their surroundings. Why stick a plain old toothbrush in their hand? Make brushing fun with a “cool” toothbrush. While you’re buying toothpaste, swing by the toothbrush section and allow your child to pick out a custom toothbrush. Many of their favorite characters from TV shows, movies, and video games often have their own specially designed toothbrush, from pink Barbie brushes to blue Star Wars “lightsaber” toothbrushes. Brushing will seem all the more exciting and imaginative when your child brushes with his or her favorite character.


#3: Purchase a Special Timer

Two minutes can seem like an awful long time to a child (and to many adults as well!). To help them reach the recommended brushing time, consider purchasing a special timer for brushing teeth. Different types and styles are available, and many children will love setting a clock and brushing to a timer.
Make brushing fun! This daily task should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience to both adults and children alike. At Greenspoint Dental, we are dedicated to giving you the resources you need to improve your dental health without stress or pain. For more information, contact our Houston offices today.