The Secret Behind Celebrity Smiles: Veneers

Imagine living your entire life under a microscope. Every move you make and everything you do – recorded and viewed by millions of people everywhere. A scary thought, to say the least. For famous actors, actresses, politicians, and popular sports figures however, this is an everyday occurrence.

Considering this, it makes sense that these individuals would work very hard to maintain their physical appearance. If they’re going to be looked at, and judged, they need to look their best. Looking their best includes everything from managing their weight, their hair-style, even their teeth.

Straight, bright, white teeth are considered the pinnacle of dental beauty. Crooked, dull, or stained teeth can be unsightly, and in the judgmental world of the media can create a poor public image. For this reason many celebrities invest in dental procedures designed to deliver an immediate boost to the whiteness of their teeth.

Some will consider bleaching or chemical whitening, though that can be expensive and time consuming. Others, however, will turn to veneers for their whitening needs. Essentially, veneers are porcelain covers that are either fitted overtop of or cemented to the front of, an individual’s current teeth. These veneers can be designed to various specifications, depending on the desired look.

Second hand reports gathered by various entertainment news sources claim that celebrities like Eva Longoria, Britney Spears, and Tom Cruise have all undergone some form of dental whitening. So, if you’re interested in a brighter smile, like the ones you’ve seen on television and the movies, Greenspoint is here to help.

The greatest and most effective whitening procedures are no longer just for the celebrity elites. A brighter smile can be closer than you think. Just give us a call to find out more.