Is It Time For A New Toothbrush?

Brushing your teeth regularly is obviously the number one step to a healthy smile. Good Oral hygiene and scheduled cleansing on your own account go hand in hand. Having a solid toothbrush that gets the job done is key. But like all household items, nothing lasts forever. Is it time for you to get a new toothbrush?

Types Of Brushes

Toothbrushes come in all shapes and sizes. Some have wide bristles, some have plaque scrapers, and some even accommodate your tongue’s hygiene needs. Childrens brushes are usually smaller and cartoon theme. Adult brushes can have flexible handles or straight handles with large heads.  toothbrush2

One major difference in adult toothbrushes is the stiffness of the bristle. Some people prefer a very soft and gentle bristle to ‘massage’ their teeth while taking it easy on the gums. Others like a very stern, hard bristled brush so as to clean them intensely and quickly rid their teeth of unwanted buildups. Deciding which bristle strength is right for you is usually a personal preference discovered by trial and error, unless your oral hygienist suggests one to best suit your mouth’s needs.

Worn Down Brushes

Whether you are using a high dollar brush that you shopped around for, or simple the free one that you can get on the front counter of nearly any dental office, every brush will become worn and obsolete at some point. Of course a more high-end brush will last a bit longer and hold up over time, but eventually your teeth’s sheer strength and diligence will wear down even the tough bristles.

If your toothbrush begins to lose a large amount of bristles regularly, leaving them in your mouth or fallen into a sink, it is time to begin looking for a new brush. Likewise, if your teeth seem to be feeling less and less smooth and glossy after an intense brushing session then it is possible your brush is headed for retirement.

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