How Tobacco can affect the Health of Your Teeth

Tobacco’s effect on our health is undeniably awful. It already comes with the package. Tobacco practically affects everything in our body because Nicotine travels to the air we breathe into our blood. Our blood, then circulates to every organ in our body carrying not only oxygen and other needed vitamins and minerals but also a POISON. That is basically how tobacco affects our body – our general health but do you know that even before it destroys other organs and systems in our body, it destroys our oral health first.

Oral cancer

Do you know that 90 % of people who have oral cancer has smoked or has been smoking? It’s not a shocking fact anymore. Nicotine and the heat coming from a lighted Tobacco are carcinogens. It causes trauma to our gums and teeth causing our cells to die. Once it dies, it regenerates news cells. If you repeatedly harm and traumatize your oral cavity by smoking addictively, it will get used to regenerating cells and tissues thus activating proliferative cancerous cells – cells that has gone wild and out of control because they always think that they need to regenerate. Sooner or later, you will have malignant growths in your oral cavity.

Bad Oral Odor

Have you ever experienced talking with someone and they suddenly shun away from you? It maybe because of the lingering smell of smoke in your mouth. Nicotine causes bad mouth odor. Even if you brush your teeth regularly and use mouthwash, the smell of it lingers inside your oral cavity. This is one of the many problems of smokers. The smell just stays and it becomes their trademark.

Teeth Discoloration

Tobacco causes teeth discoloration too. Most smokers tend to have yellowish stained teeth. Isn’t it lovely if you will have a set of white sparkling teeth? So please do yourself a favor and stop smoking.

Periodontal Disease

Tobacco smoking damages not only the gums but the teeth itself. It deteriorates the bone and soon enough you will discover that your gums are already reddened and swollen.

Protecting Your Teeth from Gum and Teeth Problems


  • Stop Smoking


The ultimate and most effective solution is to stop smoking. Why would you even try smoking when you already know the health risks not just for your oral health but for the other vital organs of your body? You can get gazillion number of diseases with smoking. It’s like you are taking poison into your body every single day of your entire life.


  • Regular Dental Check Ups


Prevention is always better than cure. Before cavities get worse, let you dentist fix and prevent the problem. You can have regular teeth cleaning and remedy decaying tooth instantly.


  • Brush your teeth properly and regularly.


There is a proper way for brushing our teeth. We must not just focus on brushing our teeth but also other parts of our oral cavity such as our gums, tongue, and oral mucosa.