What To Do When Your Toddler Chips Their Tooth

Accidents happen. Whether it’s a toddler missing the step in your house or a large dog getting too friendly and knocking your little tyke over, a quick fall down can leave more than just a frown on your little one’s face. Sometimes parent’s can worry if their child’s tooth becomes chipped from a quick hit on the ground. Here are some things to look at.

Is There Blood?

Blood can be scary for toddlers. Although it doesn’t always necessarily mean there is a serious problem or need for immediate medical attention, seeing blood in relation to a toddler can be scary for both them and you as a parent. Children can often associate blood with bad things and pain, so if there is blood from a chipped tooth make sure to address it quickly.  toddlersmile

Rinse out your toddler’s mouth. Have them drink some cold water to chill their mouth and slow down the bleeding. Sometimes holding a small paper towel or cotton ball up to the chipped tooth for a minute or two will quickly allow the blood to clot in their tiny tooth nerves, which will stop the bleeding.

Is There Pain?

Most of the time, chipping a tooth is more startling than painful. Since teeth, especially a children’s tooth, are such dense compacts of keratin, there is virtually no actually lasting pain when it breaks off. That is unless the chipping of the tooth affects the nerve inside the tooth.

After a few days, if the tooth begins to turn dark yellow or purple, then there may be some possible nerve damage to the tooth. It is when this nerve damage begins to kill off the remaining portion of the tooth that serious pain will set in. At this point you should consider taking your toddler to their first dentist appointment to help with the pain and assess the future of their children’s set of teeth.

Greenspoint Dental Can Help!

We pride ourselves on being a family dental practice, helping both children and adults achieve wonderfully proud smiles. If your toddler has had a mishap resulting in a chipped or sore teeth, and the pain is becoming a bit much for them, feel free to contact Greenspoint Dental today. Our trained and professional staff is ready to make you and your little one comfortable and at ease with their first visit to the dentist.