Tooth Ache Dentist in Houston

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You can experience toothache due to many reasons. Tooth fracture, abscessed tooth, tooth decay, and damaged filling are common causes of toothache. Such pain is mostly unbearable and if you face such a situation, you should visit a tooth ache dentist houston to assess the problem and have it treated.

We at Greenspoint Dental understand the pain and discomfort caused by a toothache and how it can interfere with your routine. And we offer specialized dental services to provide you relief from the ache and a treatment plan.

When Should You Seek Toothache Care Services

It is important to see your tooth ache dentist in Houston if you have consistent pain. We have often seen that patients with dull and persistent pain avoid immediate medical attention, causing their condition to worsen. If you have toothache and find that a tooth is cracked, broken, chipped, or decayed, you should call our office. Our staff will require you to answer a few questions and will fix an appointment as per the requirement.

Some of the common reasons why toothaches occur include:
  • Gum Disease: It can cause the gums to be red, swollen, and painful
  • Damaged Teeth: The pain may be caused due to damages such as chipping and cracking. Leaving chipped teeth untreated may also cut tongue and cheeks.
  • Tooth Decay: Your pain may be due to tooth decay. The decay may be in one of the many stages, ranging from cavities to abscessed teeth.
  • Malocclusion: Uneven bite can cause teeth or jaw soreness.

    If you have sharp pain when biting down on something, it may mean that the tooth is cracked or there is a deeper issue. Red and painful gums under pressure can be signs of an abscessed tooth. A dull aching pain is mostly caused by bruxism or teeth grinding or clenching. If you have pain that doesn’t go away, you should seek timely intervention from our dentist. This can not only help you find relief, but also avoid serious health issues.

    Dental Services That We Offer

    Our tooth ache dentist will begin the treatment by first obtaining your medical history and conducting a physical examination. We will ask you questions related to your pain, its severity, when it started, its location, and factors that make it worse and better. We may also perform X-rays and other tests, based on the factors we suspect are causing the toothache.

    Some of the common treatments and services that we offer for toothache include:
    • Bruxism treatment if you have teeth grinding issue
    • Periodontal treatment if you have gum disease
    • Root canal if you have an abscess, infections, or need a permanent reduction in tooth sensitivity
    • Extraction to prevent tooth loss

    How Greenspoint Dental is Unique

    We are unique in many ways:
    • Dr. Louis P. Bosse is much more than a tooth ache dentist in Houston. He is specialized in General Dentistry, Prosthodontics, and Maxillofacial Prosthetics.
    • We have courteous, professional, and highly knowledgeable staff
    • We use the latest equipment
    • All our patients are educated on their treatment options
    • We provide soothing and comforting dental office environments
    Our tooth ache dentist will work with you to ensure the proper and timely provision of dental care to provide you relief from the pain and create the right treatment plan.

Timely & Effective Dentistry Services

Our team at Greenspoint Dental is always here to help take care of any discomfort or pain you may experience with your teeth or gums. Part of our treatment process includes educating our patients, allaying their fears, and helping you make the right decisions about your dental health.

If you or a loved one is suffering from toothache, our experienced staff can help you find ipmmediate relief. Our tooth ache dentist houston can help you find much more than relief from the pain. If you have a toothache and need immediate attention, feel free to call us at (281) 823-9987. If you have any other queries about our general dental services, please use this Contact Us form.