Tooth Extraction And You

There are many different situations that may require tooth extraction. It could be that your wisdom teeth have finally decided to poke their way through, overcrowding your mouth. Or it could be that for whatever reason a tooth has decayed past the point of repair. Tooth extraction is usually necessary prior the placement of a dental implant. Sometimes, even as an adult, a tooth must be extracted simply because there isn’t any room for it inside your mouth. No matter what the cause of your extraction, the procedures don’t differ all that much.sedation dentistry, relaxation dentistry

What To Expect

Most tooth extractions are performed under local anesthesia. This means that prior the procedure a dentist will give you a shot at the site of the extraction. Sometimes, so as to avoid discomfort, the dentist will rub a bit of numbing gel before giving the shot. If you’re having your wisdom teeth removed it’s more likely that you be placed under a general anesthetic. After the anesthesia has set in, the dentist will remove the tooth. If the tooth is impacted a portion of the gum will first have to be cut away. Depending on the procedure the dentist may use a few stitches to help seal up the place of extraction. These stitches often dissolve over time, although some may require another visit for removal. Following an extraction:

  • Take any prescribed painkillers as instructed. If none were prescribed, use an over the counter pain reliever to help with any discomfort.

  • Use an ice pack to help with any swelling.

  • Limit your activity and avoid doing anything strenuous. Your body needs time to rest to help with your healing!

  • Do not drink from a straw.

  • Avoid the site of extraction when brushing and flossing.

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