Tooth pain

If you experience tooth pains either throbbing and sharp or achy and dull, it can be very difficult for you to chew, bite, get through the day, and even sleep at night, no matter the medication you take. A problem with jaws or teeth typically causes toothache. Tooth pains are caused by any irritation to the nerves and roots that surround the specific tooth. A Houston dentist can help you solve those problems. Visit Greenpoint Dental today to get set up with a great Houston dentist. Our Houston dentists take pride in building relationships with our customers.

The treatments for tooth pains can be as simple as having routine dental care or as complicated as undergoing oral surgery. The best way to ensure that the tooth pain stays away is by visiting a Houston dentist regularly. The Houston dentist can address the underlying issue leading to the pain.

Dental causes of Tooth Pain

Tooth damage: Tooth damage is the most common cause of tooth pain. For instance, a tooth that is broken or chipped due to trauma can result in tooth pain. Similarly, in dental implants, a damaged filling can also contribute to such pains. A Houston dentist can help you with your tooth damage.

Tooth decay: Tooth decay brings different levels of severity of pain to the tooth. An abscess is an infection that affects the pulp and nerve inside the tooth, and it brings severe pain to the tooth. A Houston dentist can help you with Tooth decay.

Gum Disease: the symptoms of periodontal or gum disease include swelling and redness of the gum. These symptoms can lead to gum pain or tooth pain. A Houston dentist can help you with gum disease.

How to self-diagnose Tooth pains

It is important to note that self-diagnosis of any kind should not be a long term solution. A. self-diagnosis is not a substitute for a visit to your local Houston dentist. However, it should give you a basis as you await to visit a Houston dentist in your area. The information retrieved online should not be used as a substitute for a piece of qualified medical advice from a licensed Houston dentist. Self-diagnosis is important as it prepares you and gives you an idea of what to expect when visiting a Houston dentist. Avoid playing or picking the tooth as it can bring bacteria to the mouth.

The guide below will help you find some temporary pain relief as you await your appointment with a neighborhood Houston Dentist. It will also help you explain yourself to the Houston dentist at the time of your appointment.

Severe throbbing pain: If you are experiencing sharp tooth pain, you need to visit a Houston dentist a soon as possible. If you notice a swell on your face, it means you have an abscess that ought to be treated.

Sharp Tooth Sensitivity: This type of pain can be a result of an infection, the cavity on the tooth, gum recession, or rough brushing. The pain is felt when you expose your tooth to a varying degree of temperature. For instance, drinking tea and then taking ice-cold water. In extreme cases, exposing your tooth to cold air can cause tooth pain.

Dull Nagging Toothache: Most people experience this type of toothache. It is mild and very persistent. Therefore it makes it easier to handle it. Over the counter medication can offer a temporary solution for such pains. However, this pain can result from tooth decay, so it is important to see professional medical help from a Houston dentist.

Pain Only When Eating: If you experience toothaches when eating, it can result from a tooth fracture or decay. Visit a Houston dentist immediately. You may use over the counter medication, but an appointment with a Houston dentist can get you examined and treated before a further loss is incurred.

Pain at the Back of the Jaw: This type of pain does not affect everybody. It normally develops when the wisdom tooth is affected. Not all people get to experience complications or pain when the wisdom tooth is affected. However, it is crucial for you to get it examined.

It can be pretty frustrating to learn that you have problem wisdom teeth (some people develop them without any pain or complications), but you still have to get them examined. If left untreated, they will only cause more pain in the future.

How we diagnose tooth pain

A Houston dentist begins by taking a thorough consideration of the history of the patient. Our Houston dentists listen to the patient’s description of the toothache, including the when and how it started, the nature of the pain, what induces it, and if any prior medication was taken.

Our Houston dentists then proceed to examine the toothache and it’s surrounding clinically. This is done by physically examining the gums and the tooth as well as through digital imaging of the area. Our Houston dentists also do imaging on the affected tooth

Our Houston dentists diagnose and come up with the causes of tooth pain, not just the symptoms. Our first choice is using the least invasive and most conservative treatment option depending on each case. Our Houston dentists always use non-toxic materials when a more invasive procedure is necessary.

While there is no professional title for a sensitive teeth dentist, our Houston dentist office can effectively manage your tooth pain. Instead of living with throbbing tooth pain, take care of the problem with the help of a Houston dentist. Visit Greenspoint Dental today and take charge of the health and beauty of your smile.