Top 3 Worst Drinks for Your Teeth

The enamel of our teeth is actually quite porous.  It may appear to be completely solid and flat, but under a microscope the true consistency of dental enamel is revealed.  With this in mind, it is no wonder that teeth are often prone to discoloration.

Keeping our teeth bright and white is a goal that many people strive for.  The reason staining occurs, is because of the foods we eat and what we drink.  Below is a list of the top 3 worst drinks for teeth, in terms of staining and discoloration.

–          Red Wine

If you’ve ever spilled a glass of red wine on a white carpet, you know all too well how bad it can stain.  Red wine stains can be nearly impossible to clean, especially if the stain is allowed to dry and set.  Just as the carpet absorbs the red coloring of the wine, so does our teeth – over time of course.  A single glass of wine isn’t likely to turn teeth pink, but with continued consumption the effects are sure to become more apparent.

–          Coffee

The color alone should be enough to suggest that drinking this beverage isn’t the greatest for keeping teeth their whitest.  Take a look at your coffee mug after your morning java and you’ll see what we mean.  The brown/yellow stain ring around your cup may be the same color of your teeth with continued use.  Diligent brushing will help, of course, but let’s be honest – who carries around a tooth brush with them to every Starbucks they go to.

–          Soda

Soda is often very sugary.  As we all know, sugar isn’t the greatest for maintaining healthy teeth, putting this beverage already high up on the “bad for teeth” list.  In addition, soda is also very acidic.  Over time this acid can wear down enamel.  Strike Two.  Lastly, a weakened tooth will be less likely to fight stains – like the ones it might receive from the dark syrup contained within certain soda drinks.

Do not fret though; these drinks can still be enjoyed, just in moderation.