Top Dental Issues for Seniors

Despite what you may think, dentures are not the only dental issue facing seniors today. Though many seniors do use dentures as a replacement for their teeth, there are plenty of other concerns that they have to deal with on a day to day basis as well.

Like anyone else, seniors have to concern themselves with everyday plaque and tartar build-up on their teeth. Their advanced age doesn’t make them exempt from these dental issues. Without proper care, gingivitis or gum disease can still occur. Normal brushing, flossing, and occasional mouthwash will reduce these concerns.

However, there are studies that have made connections between some serious heart conditions and periodontal disease. This is a much more serious concern for seniors than for the middle aged or younger generation. The risk factors for both are very much the same (smoking, poor diet, weight gain, etc.) So, as other health related issues become a problem in a senior’s life, general dental care will become even more important.

Additionally, many seniors have a daily medicine regimen to keep them healthy and active. A side effect for many of these medications is dry mouth. As we all know, saliva helps clean and protect as it washes over the teeth. With decreased saliva production, bacteria are allowed to grow and thrive. This is another reason why regular daily dental care is so important for seniors. Drinking plenty of water and abstaining from salty or dry foods will also help.

If you continue to take good care of your teeth, they’ll take good care of you.