What do I do in a Dental Emergency?

There may have been some point in time where you wished you could’ve seen a dentist immediately. Whether it’s a tooth that’s been knocked out or an infection threatening your teeth, emergency dentistry can make all the difference for your smile.

Broken, malaligned and avulsed (knocked out) teeth are some of the most common reasons people need emergency dental care.  In the cases of chipped or broken teeth, you will want to collect the piece(s) and save them for the dental appointment.

If your tooth alignment has been altered or skewed, you will need to see a dentist within an hour to prevent any permanent damage. For adult teeth that have been knocked out, only handle the tooth by the crown. Do not touch the root of the tooth. Gently rinse off any debris using milk (or water if milk is not available), and do not try to dry or wipe it off with anything. You will have to attempt to reinsert the tooth into the socket. The reason for this is because the root of your tooth is covered in fibers that can aid in reattachment. Bite on a cloth to keep it in place.

If the tooth does not go back in, do not force it. You will need to keep it moist. Place it in a glass of milk or saliva. If this isn’t possible, put it in your mouth between your cheek and gum or under your tongue to keep it moist. You will need to see the dentist within an hour or as soon as possible in order to successfully save the tooth.

If you are in pain or need immediate attention, Greenspoint Dental offers emergency services as well as a dental emergency phone line. If it means opening early or staying late to get you in, we’ll make it happen. Schedule an appointment or emergency visit today.