What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

You might’ve heard the term “full mouth rehabilitation” before on health and dental websites. But what exactly is a full mouth rehabilitation? And what treatments are involved?

Well for starters, no two mouth rehabilitations are exactly the same. Full mouth rehabilitation involves a series of treatments customized for the specific patient’s needs. Rehabilitation for one patient could mean installing dental implants in place of missing teeth and treating the patient for periodontitis. For another patient, it could be as simple as filling in a few cavities and undergoing a thorough teeth cleaning.

Regardless of the treatments involved, every full mouth rehabilitation has the goal of restoring the patient’s oral health. The treatment is not usually thought of as a cosmetic option, but rather as a necessity for those with serious oral health deficiencies.

The typical benefits of full mouth rehabilitation include:

  • Relieving tooth pain
  • Filling in missing teeth
  • Straightening teeth to maintain oral health
  • Alleviating gum disease
  • Resolving tooth decay
  • Cleaning off built-up plaque
  • Restoring self-confidence

If you’re worried about your oral health and think you may be a candidate for a full mouth rehabilitation, contact Greenspoint Dental today and set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Bossé.