What Options Do I Have if I Need to Replace My teeth?

Losing your teeth or even one tooth can be very scary. Besides possibly making you feel insecure, it can also impact your health and diet. I don’t know how you feel about this but personally the idea of not being able to eat my favorite foods or smile without being self conscious seems horrible. Luckily there are teeth replacements and dental restorative procedures to help us out.

Common Ways People Lose Their Teeth

Losing a tooth or all of your teeth can happen, which is hard to grasp for those of us that still have all our teeth. Here are the most common ways people end up toothless and how you can prevent it.

  • Sports or Physical Injury – It’s no secret that sports are dangerous. Football tackles or a ball to the face can easily knock out a tooth. If you want to be careful during any sports related activity wear a mouth guard to protect your smile.
  • Tooth Decay – This is extremely common because many people forget to brush after every meal or even floss. If you want to prevent tooth decay you have to brush after you eat, floss daily and maintain a good oral hygiene routine. Too many people have to get a tooth pulled because of severe tooth decay.
  • Bad Lifestyle Habits – Smoking everyday, drinking soda with every meal or doing drugs will all give you bad teeth. This means that not only will your health suffer but also the quality of your teeth.
  • Old Age or Diseases – Due to bad oral hygiene and bad lifestyle habits many elderly individuals lose their teeth when they do get older. Also many diseases and conditions began to become more prevalent at an older age which can cause your teeth to fall out. Live healthy and maintain a good oral hygiene routine to prevent old age from taking your teeth.

Teeth Replacement Options

If you are in a situation where you have already lost a tooth and need a replacement then you may want to try out these options:

  • Dental Implants – This is an permanent replacement option, where they infuse the tooth implant all the way down in your jaw bone. This allows you to feel and look like you actually have a tooth there.
  • Dentures – This is a more temporary fix to give you prosthetic teeth that you can take out when you want and give you the look of having teeth.
  • Dental Bridges – These are fake teeth that are attached to neighboring teeth covering up the exposed gum like a bridge, hence the name. There are a variety of dental bridges you can choose from to get the perfect fit for you.

If you need help restoring your smile contact Greenspoint Dental. We have everything you need to get the smile and teeth you want.