What To Do For A Chipped Tooth

It’s almost the end of cook-out seasons so your family and friends decide to have one last Bar-B-Q. You take a bite out of a rack of ribs and CRUNCH! You bit the bone and cracked your tooth. A chipped tooth is a very painful situation but there are multiple ways to quickly control the pain. Here are a couple of tips on how to minimize the situation before you visit a dentist.


Rinse with Salt Water

In order to keep the area clean and free from possible infection, rinse with warm salt water to sterilize the tooth. Because your tooth is in a vulnerable state, be sure to avoid extreme temperatures. You don’t know how bad the damage is and you don’t want any unnecessary pain.


Cover with Wax

If your tooth is partially cracked but you cannot fix it right away, use a thin layer of wax to protect it. Not only does the wax prevent the tooth from cracking further, it keeps sensitivity down so you can eat and drink as you please without pain. Cracked teeth sometimes have rough edges and covering them with wax keeps your gums and cheeks from getting scratched.


Soft Liquid Diet

If you are unable to get a quick fix, be sure to keep your diet soft by avoiding any hard foods, especially those with bones. Food choices like smoothies or oatmeal are easy to eat and don’t require any intense chewing.


Anti-Inflammatory Medicine

To avoid gum irritation and unnecessary pain, use anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medication like Tylenol. Some dentists may prescribe higher doses of pain medication depending on the severity of the issue.


Call A Dentist

If your dentist has an emergency line, be sure to reach out to them immediately. If you explain the type of crack, break, or fracture they will be able to give you the specific tasks necessary to save the tooth until you are able to book an appointment. If you are out of town or cannot get a hold of your own dentist, consider calling another local one in the area to get the right advice for how to take care of your tooth injury.


If you or someone you know has recently cracked their tooth, call Greenspoint Dental in the Houston, Texas area to get the tooth checked out as soon as possible. Greenspoint Dental offers appointments on weekends and after office hours for emergency dental issues.