Which Floss Should You Use?

An average person fails to pay the appropriate attention to the procedure of how they should brush their teeth. They may adopt the mentality of “as long as I brush regularly, I should be fine!” Proper dental care at home requires a careful analysis of your mouth. If you wish to be above average and maximize your dental health, you must select the proper tools — the type of toothbrush, mouthwash, and toothpaste you select all play a vital role in brushing your teeth.

What about flossing? Most people are sent home from the dentist with a recommendation that they should be flossing more. Taking this to heart, they visit their local pharmacy, only to see a wide variety of flosses available to purchase. Follow this handy list to determine which one will best suit your preferences.

Unwaxed Floss

This floss is the classic string that many people are familiar with. While it can be difficult to grasp the technique at first, unwaxed floss remains the most thorough, efficient type, able to reach the tightest spots between your teeth. One downside: the string can break or fray if pulled too strongly.

Waxed Floss

Waxed floss seeks to improve on the faults of the unwaxed types. The string is covered in a smooth special wax that serves two purposes. First, the wax allows the string to glide easily and effortlessly between your teeth. Second, the wax improves the strength of the string, giving it a greater resistance against breaking and fraying. The added thickness comes with a cost: you may be unable to clean tight spots which unwaxed types may have been able to reach.

Flavored Floss

Why not making flossing pleasurable? flavored floss aims to do that by offering a distinct taste lined along the string. Mint is the most popular flavor, and other companies are offering unique flavors like bacon pancakes! You might be wondering if sugar or calories are a concern here, but the amount contained in the flavor is so minuscule that it can safely ignored.

Flossing Picks

Not a fan of the traditional flossing technique? Flossing picks may be the right choice for you. Put briefly, picks consist of a plastic disposable handle with a length of flossing strength held in place. However, you are trading convenience for functionality, as picks are unable to clean as thoroughly as traditional strings.

Oral Irrigators

Perhaps you are willing to invest in top-quality equipment to blast away plaque and food stuck between your teeth. In this case, consider investing in an oral irrigator. These machines are made of two parts: a water reservoir and a connecting nozzle. Water is pumped through the nozzle, cleaning and rinsing the spots between your teeth. As an added bonus, oral irragators are believed to also improve your gingivital health!


In the end, flossing every day is more important than which type of floss you use. Explore and experiment with your options to maximize your flossing experience. Want to maximize your dental health as a whole? Greenspoint Dental is here for you. Contact our Houston office today!