Is ZOOM! Teeth Whitening Right for You?

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Are you considering getting your teeth whitened? Over the counter strips, gels, and trays can offer some mild results, but they’re nothing compared to a prescription strength treatment like ZOOM! same-day whitening with our cosmetic dentists in Houston.

Professionally Treated Teeth Whitening Offers Exceptional Results

With ZOOM! you can enjoy drastically whiter teeth in just one trip to our Houston office. Walk in, sit down, and walk out with a brighter smile. It’s that easy. ZOOM! uses a professionally applied whitening gel that is light amplified for faster, more effective stain release. The safe formula dissolves dark particles in the porous surfaces of your enamel so that they’re gently lifted away to reveal brighter, healthier-looking teeth. Unlike weaker solutions that you can buy over the counter, ZOOM! is specially formulated to target both surface and deep-set stains caused by things like:
  •   Naturally dark teeth
  •   Stain from medication (tetracycline, etc.)
  •   Coffee, tea, red wine, soda
  •   Tobacco products
  •   Accumulated stain with age
When it might take you two to three store-bought kits to whiten your teeth by three to four shades, a ZOOM! treatment goes far beyond that, saving you valuable time.

A Smart Investment in Your Smile

One of the most common misconceptions about having your teeth whitened at the dentist is that it costs more than if you were to do it yourself. It’s actually quite the opposite! While you may have more of an initial investment up front when you opt for an in-house treatment, it actually saves you money. Why? Because you may need to go through three or four store-bought kits before you finally get even fairly similar results. Unfortunately, generic kits just can’t get your teeth as white, because it’s a weaker “over the counter” solution. That’s not to mention the uneven or splotchy patterns caused by their “one size fits some” design. Then comes the maintenance. While ZOOM! is much easier to maintain, DIY whitening kits require you to consistently purchase new touch up kits to try to keep your smile looking white. In no time at all, you’ve actually spent more money on “cheap” whitening treatments than you would have if you chose to get it done right the first time.

Perfect for Upcoming Important Events

Beautiful teeth make great first impressions. In fact, there have actually been experiments that show people with whiter, straighter, prettier smiles tend to do better on job interviews and even be offered a higher paying salary than their counterparts. When you’re trying to get ahead, investing in something like ZOOM! can actually give you a leg up on your competition. When you’re planning your wardrobe and hairstyle for that next big first impression, don’t forget the most important accessory that you’ll ever wear…your smile. You can’t afford to leave it out. Maybe you’re getting married or plan to be in a friend’s wedding. Even though you may hate the idea of it, you know those pictures are going to be around for generations to come. While you’re focused on getting in shape or working on your tan, you can rest assured knowing that getting your smile ready can take no time at all. In fact, we can complete your ZOOM! treatment on a Friday and you can go to the wedding on Saturday! Planning that last-minute cruise out of Galveston with your friends? You’ve already stopped by the mall to refresh your wardrobe, but don’t forget your teeth. Even if you’re leaving fairly quickly, we can fit you in for a fast in-house treatment so that your smile is ready to go.

Something for Yourself

Are you consistently hiding your teeth, refraining from smiling, or the person who always avoids taking photos with friends? Feeling confident about the way your teeth look can change everything about your personal life. Generally, people who are self-conscious about their teeth will smile less often. But if you know that they look great, you’ll be happy to share them in public and photographs far more often. The more you smile, the friendlier you’ll appear, and science tells us those people usually have more friends because of what a happy person they are perceived to be. One of the best ways to get a fast smile makeover is to whiten your teeth. ZOOM! results are immediate, so you can enjoy the results right away. Plus, our affordable price makes it a splurge that you just can’t afford to pass up. You’ll likely be left wondering why on earth you waited so long.

A Great Gift for Someone You Love

Instead of a spa package or gift card, why not give the gift of a bright smile? ZOOM! whitening treatments are perfect for recent high school or college grads, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, etc. A lot of the time, teeth whitening is something that people want but they just aren’t going to buy for themselves. Giving ZOOM! as a gift takes that problem out of the equation. At Greenspoint Dental we can help you “brighten” someone’s big day. Just stop by our Houston office for a gift certificate.

An Incentive to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Achieving a beautiful white smile doesn’t stop after your ZOOM! Treatment. In fact, it’s just the beginning. When you feel good about the way your teeth look, you’ll feel inclined to help keep them that way. Yes, you may even pick up the floss or invest in an electric toothbrush when you normally wouldn’t. Ongoing maintenance and oral hygiene keep your teeth brighter and your gums healthier for years to come. A well cared for smile can last for the rest of your life (no, you don’t necessarily need dentures even though your dad did when he was your age.) If you lack the zeal to floss each day or book a preventive cleaning every six months, it’s time to ask yourself why. Is it because you don’t like the way your teeth look to begin with? You might want to consider addressing their appearance so that you’ll feel motivated to care for them the way you know that you should. Greenspoint Dental can help you get there. Just ask us how.

Short on Time? Want Fast Results?

The ZOOM! procedure normally lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. So, if you need to rush out of town for an important meeting or just don’t want the hassle of planning two weeks ahead to use a box kit, ZOOM! is right for you. Some dentists send their patients home with custom whitening trays to brighten their teeth at home. While these are still very effective, they take extra time on your part. Instead of wearing a tray for an hour or more per day for 10-14 days, you can get the same results in just a single appointment with our Houston dentists.

Planning Ahead for Your Smile Makeover

Let’s say you have big things in mind for your smile makeover. Perhaps you’re considering dental veneers, Invisalign, or even some dental implants. That’s great! All of these treatments offer exceptional results that can be life-changing. But here’s what you need to know…restorative and cosmetic treatments involve a custom matching process where we select the specific shade and color of your new “teeth.” For the adjacent teeth that aren’t being worked on, the difference is significant. Your new veneers and porcelain crowns will have to be made to match your adjacent teeth, otherwise, it will be obvious that you’ve undergone dental work that looks unnatural. What if your neighboring teeth aren’t as white as you want the rest of your smile to be? It’s simple. Just whiten them! Once our Houston dentists help you get the rest of your smile white enough, your new veneers and implant crowns can be made to blend in with them. That way you have the white smile you deserve and results that you can maintain for years to come. “What happens if I decide to whiten my teeth after I have veneers or implant crowns?” you ask? Well, the porcelain in your new dental restorations won’t change colors; it’s set for good. So, if you whiten your teeth after your dental treatment, it will leave your new crowns or veneers looking darker and out of place. The only way to change their color to a brighter one is to replace them altogether. That’s why it’s better (and cheaper) to whiten your teeth prior to starting treatment, so that we can have a canvas to match your future dental work against.

Book Your Same-Day Teeth Whitening Treatment Now

At Greenspoint Dental in Houston, your ZOOM! treatment is a fast and effective way to have a brighter, more confident smile in just one day. All you need to get started is a consultation with our dentists to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. If they are, you can book your ZOOM! procedure right away. Getting married soon? Have a big job interview coming up? Call our Houston cosmetic dentists to see if ZOOM! whitening is right for you. In just one appointment, you’ll have drastically whiter teeth that you can feel proud of showing off.