Myths and Truths about Tooth-Staining Foods and Drinks

tooth-staining food and drinks


In our selfie obsessed generation, one piece of information many people seek to understand is, what are tooth-staining food and drinks? Keeping them from that perfect, pearly white smile. Let’s shed some light on this topic by discovering what is mythical and what is factual.



Smokeless Tobacco is Not Bad for Your Teeth

The main reason people go for smokeless tobacco is to avoid the discoloration that accompanies traditional tobacco. This might actually be one of its selling points. The truth, however, is that smokeless tobacco has just as big an impact on dental hygiene as its counterparts. Using tobacco stains your teeth, regardless of whether it has smoke.


Using a Straw Protects Your Teeth From Staining

A lot of people, including some dentists, state that drinking from a straw reduces the chances of your teeth staining. The logic seems to hold some water yet, the truth is that the drink still reaches your teeth. If we put the logic into practice, using a straw might protect the incisors but all the other teeth are at risk of staining.



Foods and Beverages with Artificial Coloring Stain Your Teeth

The chemicals used to produce artificial food and beverage coloring are harmful to your health, and especially your teeth. The coloring pigments stain your teeth. After repeated consumption and poor dental hygiene, you’ll notice a yellowing of the teeth. Examples of drinks that stain teeth include soft drinks and fruit juices.


Acidic Foods and Drinks Help in the Staining Process of Your Teeth

Foods and drinks with a high acidic content tend to weaken and erode the enamel on your teeth. This, in turn, makes it easier for the stains to develop on the teeth. Examples of acidic foods and drinks include fish and white wine.


Tannins and Chromogens are Tooth-Staining Risk Factors

Tannins and chromogens occur naturally in plant-based foods leading to discoloration. When used to create drinks, they may retain these materials increasing the risk you’ll stain your teeth. Examples include nuts, berries, tea, and coffee.


tooth-stained dental cleaning

Dental Hygiene Saves Your Teeth From Staining

This is the only surefire way to save your teeth from staining. Drinking water immediately after having foods and drinks with the aforementioned risk factors in them might be a temporary fix, but regular dental hygiene and checkups are the best ways to combat tooth-staining foods and drinks.