13 Unique Ways to Use Dental Floss

Dental floss in blue and white container

A good dental routine consists of brushing twice a day for two minutes each time, flossing once a day, and visiting the dentist every six months. Dental floss helps remove food particles and plaque in the hard-to-reach places your toothbrush misses.


However, floss isn’t used just for your teeth. Here are 13 unique ways you can use a roll of dental floss.


Hang Things

If you need to hang a picture or a Christmas ornament, you can use a string of floss to do so. Its strength and durability will support the picture, and it won’t scratch your walls or weigh down a branch on your Christmas tree.


Husband with drill helping wife hang a picture on the wall


Replace a Shoelace

Until you find new shoelaces, you can use floss to keep your sneakers laced up.


Repair Your Glasses

If you ever lose one of the tiny screws that fit into the hinges of your frames, you can use floss until you get them repaired.


String the floss through the holes in each hinge and tie a knot to keep your glasses together.


Clothes Line

A great way to improvise a clothes line is with strong dental floss. Tie each end to stationary objects and then drape your clothes over the string.


Clean Your Keyboard

A great way to clean between the keys on your keyboard is with floss. This works best on keyboards with keys that stick up above the board itself.

Keyboard with dust between the keys


Repair Broken Jewelry

If one of the chain links on your favorite necklace or bracelet breaks, use a small strand of floss to tie the ends together until you can get your jewelry repaired.


Cut with Precision

Instead of using a cake knife, use a long string of floss to cut cake. This will provide a cleaner and straighter cut, giving each person an even-sized slice of cake.


You can also use this to cut soft cheeses, soft bread, fruit, and hard-boiled eggs.


Protect Your Delicious Cookies

If your fresh batch of cookies are stuck to the baking sheet, slide a string of dental floss underneath each cookie to separate it from the sheet in one piece.

5 chocolate chip cookies stacked next to a glass of milk on a wood table


Support Plants

If you have a climbing plant that’s leaning to one side, use floss to tie the plant to a stake or stick for support.


Fishing Line

If your fishing line snaps, replace it with floss to salvage the rest of your fishing trip.


Secure Your Suitcases

If you’re on a trip and forget to buy locks for your suitcases, use dental string to tie the zippers together. Be aware, however, that airport security may cut the ties off.


Husband and wife on bed with backpack and suitcase packing for a trip



You can use floss to string garland or let your children make jewelry with the floss and beads.


Sew On a Button

If you have a button on your clothes that won’t stay on with regular string, try using dental floss to sew it back on. The strength of the floss should help keep it secured.

Father helping young toddler son button his shirt


Remember that the most important use for floss is cleaning your teeth.


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