8 Tips to Care For Your Braces

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So you’ve decided it’s finally time to get braces for yourself or your child. You’ve made the appointment, but how can you educate yourself and your family on proper care techniques? At Greenspoint Dental, we want your treatment process to be seamless and long-lasting. We’ve compiled a list of our top 8 tips for taking care of your braces and making the most of this significant investment in your smile and oral health.

Watch what you eat

Perhaps the least fun aspect of orthodontia, you may have to switch up your diet a little. While we all love popcorn and candy, during braces treatment you should avoid any crunchy, sticky, or chewy foods and snacks. These foods can be damaging to your braces and may prolong the entire process. We’ve compiled a guide to choosing the right foods with braces. Remember, braces aren’t forever, and you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorites once they are removed and your teeth are where you want them to be.

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2. prioritize brushing and flossing

While you should prioritize brushing and flossing whether you have braces or not, it’s especially important to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth during your orthodontic treatment. You should brush your teeth morning and night and after every meal. We also recommend flossing as least once at night and after meals as needed. Your orthodontist will teach you techniques on how to properly brush and floss your teeth with braces. Make sure to pay close attention and ask any questions you may have surrounding oral hygiene after the initial installation.


3. Salt Water rinse

When you first get braces, there is a high likelihood that you will experience gum, lip, and cheek pain as you get adjusted to the new hardware in your mouth. This can be distressing and uncomfortable, but most people stop experiencing pain after the first couple of days. One way to soothe your mouth during the adaptation phase is to gargle with a saltwater solution. Mix one tablespoon of salt into a glass of warm water and swish it around in your mouth. This will provide relief, and you can repeat the gargling process as needed to soothe irritation.

4. invest in cleaning tools

When you have braces, regular floss and toothbrush products/techniques just aren’t well-equipped to get your mouth as clean as it needs to be. You should purchase a proxy brush, dental wax, and a floss threader beforehand to have everything you need to keep your mouth healthy and clean. You can even create a handy braces kit for on-the-go cleaning during work, school, or travel.

5. Break bad habits

If you are an avid nail biter, tenacious teeth grinder, or gum-chewing connoisseur, it’s essential to break these habits as soon as you have plans in place for getting braces. Try to quit these behaviors as soon as possible so that once your braces are on, you won’t risk damaging them and elongating the process. An added bonus? Once your treatment is complete you’ll have a stunning smile and have rid yourself of a lousy habit.



6. Stay Away from whitening products

If you are considering using whitening toothpaste or strips while you have braces on, don’t. The area where the brackets are stuck to your teeth will be darker than the rest of the tooth when you get your braces removed. No one wants spotty or uneven coloring on their teeth, so it’s best to wait until your treatment is over. After removal, we can recommend a quick and effective whitening treatment to beautify your new smile even further!

orthodontist checking girls braces in office

7. Visit your dentist

While you should be regularly visiting your dentist regardless of if you have braces or not, during the treatment process regular dental checkups are especially important. You should plan to visit your dentist for cleanings and examinations every 8-12 weeks when wearing braces. This way your dentist can remove any buildup in hard-to-reach places and make sure your braces are functioning properly.


8. Wear Your Retainer

So you’ve finally gotten your braces off! Your smile is straighter than ever and you are ready to show off those pearly whites. How do you keep it that way? Your dentist will create a custom retainer to keep your teeth from gradually shifting in the future. Make the most of your investment and try to remember to wear it as much as possible. Everyone can be forgetful sometimes. Consider incorporating it into your nightly routine or even setting a reminder on your phone.

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Schedule a consultation!

With the new school year right around the corner and summer in full swing it’s the perfect time to schedule a braces consultation. You can get your families’ dental care out of the way before hectic class schedules and bustling work agendas begin in the fall. Greenspoint Dental employs the best orthodontic experts in North Houston, Texas. Are you ready to take the leap and schedule a braces consultation for you or your child? Reach out to our team of friendly dental professionals today!