The Anatomy of a Tooth

From a young age most of us were taught to start taking care of our teeth. We were taught to brush our teeth, reminded to drink our milk, and told to not eat too much candy. All for the protection of our beloved teeth. After having experienced the pain of a cavity and realizing how important flossing really is, having good oral hygiene is just apart of my normal daily routine. Although we all know we’re supposed to take care of our teeth, many people aren’t familiar about what actually comprises a tooth and why those parts are important.

The Tooth

There are two main parts of the tooth that we should know about. The crown which is the visible section that is above our gum line and the root which makes up the majority of our tooth, that is below the gum line. Within those two parts there are three main layers.

  • The enamel which is the outer layer of a tooth that is basically the covering of the tooth that protects it.
  • The dentin which is a yellow strong bone material that is covered by dentin and contains some of the nerve fibers in our tooth.
  • The pulp which is a soft tissue that lays in the center of our tooth. This part contains blood, nerves and lymph vessels. The nutrients from our body goes through the pulp to keep our teeth healthy.

Since our adult teeth are permanent, it is important to take care of our oral health. Each layer of our tooth plays a vital part in our oral health. The reason why we need to eat healthy is so that nutrients can go through the pulp and strengthen our teeth. We must brush and floss to preserve the enamel which protects the nerves and inner layers of our tooth. If you notice your teeth are becoming more yellow it could be due to the dentin layer of your tooth peeking through. To prevent yellowing, sensitive, or decayed teeth it is important to take care of the enamel and have a great oral hygiene routine.

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