Break These Bad Dental Habits

Greenspoint Dental wants you to be aware of bad dental habits so you can rethink some of your everyday actions. You’ll also be better educated to tell friends and family about the risks they pose to their dental health.

Sugar consumption

Sugar consumption is unavoidable, and is actually necessary for a healthy diet. However, many Americans are consuming sugar in ways too strong for our teeth to handle, and in such copious quantities that the natural defenses against plaque cannot keep up. For example, candies (especially hard candies that stick to the surface of teeth) and chocolate get stuck in the teeth and also leave behind sugar residue. Sugar is consumed not only by you, but by acid-eating bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria are responsible for eating away at the healthy enamel on teeth. Be kind to your mouth and help protect its strongest defense against gingivitis and gum disease.


Soda is the number-one enemy to most dentists. These days, many kids consume at least one soda a day and use it as a substitute for water, which is actually a benefit to teeth. By reducing the consumption of helpful substances and replacing them with sugar-filled acids, the teeth are doused in sugar and the enamel wears away. Even sugar-free sodas are harmful. Other drinks such as alcohol are bad for the body and teeth. While a drink occasionally will not affect your mouth, it is essential to brush your teeth afterwards. Alcohol also dries out your mouth and reduces the production of bacteria-killing saliva. Without saliva, bacteria is free to grow in your mouth and will turn into plaques and harmful gingivitis. Between drinks, consume water which will help you rinse out your teeth.

Using your teeth as tools

The teeth are to be protected, not abused. We’re all guilty of occasionally using our teeth in ways they were not designed to, whether it be to hold items when our hands are full, or to open bottles. Opening bottles is actually one of the most harmful acts to teeth, which puts undue pressure on the teeth and gums. Repeated actions can cause the teeth to loosen or move shape.

Chewing on items other than food

Despite their ability to nicely grind on things, your teeth should be used to bite any other substances. Many Americans bite pen caps, hair pins, or ice. All of these substances are hard and grind against the tooth enamel. You are basically putting unneeded friction on your teeth, which will wear and tear the surface. Ice can be so bad it may actually crack teeth.

Some of these actions may have already caused tooth damage that is not visible. To make sure your smile is still healthy, contact Greenspoint for a consultation. Give us a call to find out more bad habits and how you can avoid putting your teeth at risk.