Foods To Eat After Your Braces Are Tightened

Traditional braces are a great way to straighten your teeth and achieve a beautiful smile that can last you a lifetime. However, braces can also be a bit painful, particularly after they’re tightened. Most patients report moderate to mild discomfort while eating and can only eat soft food for a few days.

Soft food doesn’t just mean yogurt and applesauce, though. Below are a few pain-free options that you may not have thought to try before.

  • Tamales – Often thought to be a Christmas dish, tamales are actually a great option for any time of the year. You can find tamales at many great restaurants in Houston, but they’re also quite fun to make at home.
  • Omelets – Obviously, you should be careful what you put in your omelet. Chopped peppers might not be the best idea, but cheddar cheese works fantastically.
  • Lentil Curry – Cook the rice until it’s nice and soft. Instead of using meat, which can be chewy, try accenting the dish with soft vegetables such as lentils, green beans or green peas. Curry is also one of the best leftover foods in the world and can work for lunch the next day, as well.
  • Pan-Sautéed Fish – Fish is a very soft meat as long as it’s not breaded and is devoid of bones. Blackened catfish is a Cajun specialty and doesn’t take long to prepare. Serve with some soft, Cajun rice and you’re in for a very nice sit-down meal.

Getting your braces tightened doesn’t mean you have to give up cooking or eating out for a week. There are lots of dishes out there that don’t require crunching and can still be very appetizing.

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