Gold Grillz: What are They?

Tooth with diamond icon in cartoon style isolated on white background. Dental care symbol vector illustration.


You may have seen people with Grillz or Fronts–the gold or silver teeth sometimes encrusted with stones. They are an art-form born of the hip-hop movement and have become highly popularized by rap culture and its artists. Today, their popularity has sky-rocketed into the mainstream with everyone from Miley Cyrus to Beyonce sporting one. Here are some factoids you may not know.


What are Grillz Made of?

Grillz can be made of different types of metal from 10-18k gold, sterling silver, platinum, or base metals. There are options for open-faced, fangs, and stone encrusted.


How Do They Work?

There are custom-made grillz and pre-fabricated models. Depending on which one you choose, the process will vary.


Custom Grillz

Generally, you will be sent some trays and impression material which you will use to take an impression of your teeth. You will then mail this back to the company who will make your grillz. The final product will slip over your teeth, sometimes with a lining of silicon or something similar, and will be removable.


Prefabricated Grillz

For a cheaper option, prefabricated grillz can be made. They are able to be bent to shape and have clasps or prongs that are bent up to fit the backs of your teeth.


Are Grillz Bad for Your Teeth?

There haven’t been any studies done on Grillz, yet. Some concerns might be that food and bacteria could collect between the Grillz and your teeth and gums, casing decay or injury to the gums. They are worn as dental jewelry, but unlike other jewelry, they are worn on the inside of the body. Your teeth and jaws come together in a very complex way. They should be taken out to eat and should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a day. How Much Do Grillz Cost?


The price varies from a few hundred dollars per tooth to thousands of dollars depending on the company and the options. You can expect the instant, moldable grillz to be available starting around $400.


Bottom Line on Grillz

If you are considering grillz for your smile, talk to your dentist about your oral health and if grillz are the right choice for your oral health!