Healthy Foods For A Healthy Mouth

While it is important to avoid foods such as sugary drinks and sweets, it is just as important to choose foods that improve our oral health. We shouldn’t be thinking about all of the things we can’t have, instead, we should be thinking about all the foods we should have to maintain our healthy smiles.

Foods That Will Make Your Teeth Happy:

  • Crunchy fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, and celery. These types of fruits and vegetables will help increase the flow of cleansing saliva. Fact: celery is a vegetable that is found to massage gums and clean between teeth. To make it easier on your tooth enamel, avoid eating fruits with high acidity in between meals.
  • Foods rich in calcium such as milk and cheese. These dairy products that are rich in calcium help reduce the acid in your mouth and preserve tooth enamel. While the sugar found in regular milk does not contribute to tooth decay, try to avoid chocolate or flavored milk.
  • Raw onion. Yes, this will probably give you terrible breath, however, this tear-inducing vegetable is known to have powerful antibacterial properties. Researchers found that raw onions wipe out certain strains of bacteria that can cause cavities and gum disease.
  • Green tea. This contains “catechin” which is found to kill the bacteria linked to plaque while preventing gum disease. Green tea is also linked to other health benefits related to heart disease, diabetes, and even weight loss.
  • Water. It’s the best way to cleanse your teeth, naturally. Water is just as effective as mouthwash at removing bacteria and will keep your mouth moist and promote saliva production.

It is important to know that eating all of these fruits and vegetables will improve oral health when eaten in moderation and eating healthy foods cannot substitute the important bi-annual checkups with your dental professional. Call Greenspoint Dental today to schedule your appointment, let’s keep those teeth happy!