No Dental Insurance? No Problem

Like most things, teeth are notorious for decaying with age. Your original fillings stick, and the coffee stains are now permanent. While insurance for dental care may seem unnecessary in old age, your teeth are still a relevant body part that should be taken care of appropriately.


Unfortunately, dental care is not provided as sparingly as other insurance. For those who are retired, medicare doesn’t cover any dental procedures unless done out of necessity due to a hospitalization. While the Affordable Care Act technically provides dental insurance, it is only seen as a necessary requirement for children and is not provided for middle-aged adults.


A couple of options are available for middle-aged or retired adults who are not eligible for dental insurance.


Dental Payment Plans

Fortunately, many dentists provide payment plans for uninsured patients. With no financing or interest, dentists charge monthly or yearly fees and offer free services which commonly include two free teeth cleanings a year, X-Rays and complete oral check-ups. A very popular program called CareCredit is a credit card used for health, cosmetic and wellness purposes and is accepted at most dental clinics.


Dental Group Practice Association

The DGPA is a nationwide non-profit organization comprised of past and present for-profit dentists looking to improve their communities as a whole. Around the country, events are created to provide pro-bono dental care to those who do not qualify or have access to proper dental insurance.


If you or someone you know is in need of dental assistance and does not have dental insurance, contact Greenspoint Dental in the Houston, Texas area. Greenspoint Dental partnered with CareCredit to provide you a payment plan for major dental work.