Protect Your Teeth From These Common Hazards

Dental emergencies cannot be easily predicted, and unfortunately tooth injuries are more common than one might home. Because it’s impossible to know where and when dental injuries will strike, it’s good to prepare yourself for the worst by learning what habits or activities might put your teeth at risk. Here are some of the most common causes of dental emergencies that may be cause for you to visit the office or go to the ER.

Sports Injuries. There’s a reason most sports require you to sign paperwork and waivers before you can play. While fun to participate in, sports put your body in danger. With balls, bats, sticks, and even other players moving quickly around on the field or court, it doesn’t take a lot to cause an injury. Protect yourself while playing any sport by wearing the right protective gear, and be prepared for the unexpected. A hard tackle, a foul ball, or even an elbow can knock a tooth out or cause it to become loose. If you do have tooth that comes out, put it in milk and bring it to the dentist ASAP. If the tooth is chipped, bring the piece in to the dentist’s office as well.

Injuries at Home. Even the most cautious people are at risk for slipping and falling and eventually hurting themselves. You can protects against this risk by cleaning carefully and making sure that there are no errant liquids or improperly stored items that may cause you or a member of your household to fall. You can also ensure that any improper structural flaws are fixed (cracks in an otherwise smooth surface, broken railings). However, if you fall and lose a tooth you can also make sure to store it in milk, as suggested above, and go to the dentist immediately. If a tooth is moved out of position, reposition the tooth and contact our offices ASAP.

Poor Oral Hygiene. This is less of an emergency and more of an ongoing situation that is actually the most preventable. Brushing and flossing regularly can help prevent any plaque buildups that lead to gum disease and tooth loss. If you do not brush or floss regularly using the right technique you are leaving your mouth open to disease. If you have severe pain, redness, bleeding, or otherwise notice signs that your teeth are suffering, contact your dentist immediately. He or she can perform an emergency dental procedure to remove the source of illness.

Injuries While Eating. Hard foods are the worst for teeth that are prone to becoming loose with repeated stress. If you bite into something hard and experience pain that does not go away, you may have a dental emergency that will require assistance as soon as possible. Also, if a cap or filling comes loose you may be dealing with a situation requiring refilling and rebonding to remove the pain.

While it is impossible to be sure you will never face a dental emergency, taking the right steps to protect your teeth by flossing and brushing is essential. Call our office immediately if you have a dental emergency or want to learn other ways to protect yourself.