Sedation Dentistry – The Chaddy Effect

You might’ve seen the video “David After Dentist” in which seven-year-old David gives a zany interview with his dad on the ride home from the dentist. It was viewed more than 112 million times on YouTube and spawned a host of parodies.

Well if you enjoyed David, then you might also like Chaddy who was filmed after he had is wisdom teeth removed.  Take a look:

You’ve probably heard of sedation dentistry before. Someone may have even referred to it as “sleep dentistry.” While sedation dentistry may sometimes make you feel like you’re sleeping, the term “sleep dentistry” isn’t exactly accurate

Sedation dentistry doesn’t actually put you to sleep. Rather, sedation techniques just help you feel relaxed—so relaxed that you don’t even notice there’s a dental procedure going on. There are a few types of sedation dentistry available.

  • Oral Sedation – The patient is given a pill to take by the mouth the night before and/or a few hours before the appointment. When the procedure finally rolls around, the patient is relaxed and unconcerned.
  • Nitrous Oxide – Nitrous Oxide is better known as laughing gas and produces a mild euphoria in patients who inhale it through a mask at the office.
  • IV Sedation – IV Sedation is typically only used for procedures such as oral surgery that require deep sedation. This is the level of sedation is when things start getting bizzare… like with Chaddy.

If you’re curious about sedation dentistry, call or contact our office. And remember, it’s important to have someone else drive you to the office for a sedation dental appointment. After all, would anyone want to put Chaddy behind the wheel?