I want to take this time to express my sincere gratitude to you, Jody and your entire staff fo ryour attention and great care that you have taken during my teeth extractions and oral surgery. Through your professionalism/expertise, dedication and overall compassion, it was easy to overcome the discomfort. I am delighted that I exercised my due-diligence and found you via the Internet as I traveled from Austin to Houston, in order to attain the best-of-care. I will strongly recommend you to the many people that I am involved with, on a daily basis, as you are a true professional and someone that I am honored to know.

Giving Back to the Community

For more than a year, Dr. Louis P. Bosse has agreed to see the residents of the The Women’s Home on an ongoing basis to provide them with free dental screenings and follow-up dental care. The residents of The Women’s Home are all homeless when they begin an 18-month residential rehabilitation program.  Many have neglected dental care for years and most continue to battle addictions that have reeked havoc on their teeth.  Half need extractions of remaining teeth and a full set of temporary and permanent dentures.  Each requires a remarkable investment of time and commitment to see patients through complete treatment.

He has enlisted the assistance of numerous other dental professionals to assist him in the delivery of individual treatment plans.  He provides not only the skill, labor and coordination but has assisted in paying for dental fixtures as needed.  He has restored not only their teeth, but more importantly their self-confidence and dignity. He treats each patient with respect and individualized attention.  His incredible enthusiasm and drive are a remarkable gift to dozens of woman and the community at large.

Thanks so very much for your services. This partial is a God send!
Thanks so much for everything- you have really changed my life.
I want to thank you for transforming the lives of many of the women at The Women's Home. What a gift you are giving to our residents- increased self-esteem, confidence and a big smile! Dental services for our clients are so scarce. I am very grateful for your generosity and your caring.
We learned yesterday of your generous offer to provide dental health care and much needed dental work for The Women's Home. Having a healthy mouth will give them confidence as they embark on their journey and commitment to a new life. Many, many thanks. I am certain this good deed will pay you back a thousand times.
The abuse that many have endured as both children and adults have severely wounded their spirit. With the proper care, I have found that their spirits revive and allow them to live a self-sufficient life. Your help is a significant contribution to their recovery and happiness.