Tooth Emergencies

Greenspoint Dental is here for you in the event of a dental emergency. If you experience any of the following problems, schedule an emergency appointment immediately.

  • Extreme tooth pain. Experiencing extreme tooth pain is no fun. Apart from the obvious problem of the enormous discomfort that comes from toothache, the pain can at times be so overwhelming that it renders you incapable of doing anything productive. One common cause of toothache is neglected cavities (also called dental caries). A common remedy for toothache is root canals, which are reserved as a last resort, but have a high success rate.
  • Broken crowns. If your dental crown pops out, make sure to save it and any other material that may become dislodged along with it. Then, call our dental emergency line. Fortunately, replacing a broken crown is typically a faster procedure than dealing with treatment of toothache.
  • Popped veneers. As is the case with crowns, you should also save a veneer in the event that it becomes dislodged. This facilitates the replacement process. Contact us and we’ll replace it as soon as possible.

If you find yourself in need of a Houston emergency dentist, take the appropriate action and contact Greenspoint Dental right away to schedule a dental emergency appointment.