Toothbrush 101: How to Choose and use your brush

Toothbrush and how to brush your teeth maybe one of the most basic how to’s that you will ever read but do you know that most of us are not even doing it right? There’s a right way on how to choose toothbrush and the right way on how to use it too. We just tend to neglect it most of the time because it’s just basic and we don’t give attention to it. No wonder why people still get cavities even if they brush their teeth regularly.

Why do people get cavities even if they brush their teeth regularly?

Brushing your teeth in the morning and before you go to sleep doesn’t guarantee that it will keep you away from cavities but brushing your teeth CORRECTLY and REGULARLY will ensure that you are safe from cavities and other gum diseases.

According to Richard H. Price, DMD, spokesperson for the American Dental Association (ADA), there’s a right way of brushing our teeth and there’s also a right amount of time that we should use for brushing our teeth. Some people tend to rush in brushing their teeth leaving it susceptible to oral and gum problems.

On choosing your toothbrush

Ancient people usually use fray twigs during the old times to clean their teeth. Lucky us! We have different toothbrush options to choose from. From powered to manual, form large to small, from thin bristles to charcoal infused toothbrushes – there’s just a lot of types to choose from and it may get confusing at times. The best way to choose your toothbrush is determine your needs.

Do you have braces or other oral conditions?

If you have braces, there’s a special powered toothbrush for braces that will enable you to clean your teeth as well as the wires of your brace. If you have gingivitis, it might be crucial to pick a toothbrush that has very delicate and soft bristles as to protect your sensitive gums from bleeding.

General Tips in using a Toothbrush

Choose the right size

Choose the right size for your mouth. If you have a big mouth, choose a bigger one so you will save time in brushing your teeth and mouth. If you have a small one, just choose a small toothbrush.

Choose a toothbrush that you are comfortable using

Choose a toothbrush that you are comfortable using because once you are comfortable using a toothbrush, you will not have difficulty in using it. You will enjoy brushing your teeth and you won’t have a hard time obliging yourself to brush regularly.

For kids, you can buy brushes that produce sounds or have bells within the handles so it wiggles while their brush their teeth. This will make brushing their teeth fun and enjoyable thus increasing their compliance with regular tooth brushing.

Choose a Toothbrush with Soft Bristles

Even if you don’t have gingivitis, it is important to choose tooth brushes with soft bristles so it will not hurt your gums.