5 Reasons Summer is The Perfect Time For Braces

girl showing off her summer braces

School is out and summer is finally in full swing! While summer is the perfect time for pool parties, sizzling backyard barbeques, and lounging on Sundays, it’s also the ideal time to consider taking charge of your or your child’s orthodontic treatments.

Getting braces can seem like a major hassle but around 45% of all people require them to achieve the healthy and attractive smile they desire. Braces are used for a variety of reasons like remedying an overbite or underbite, straightening wonky teeth, and correcting unsightly gaps between teeth. They address both functional and cosmetic issues that are important for overall quality of life. 

Summer provides the perfect timeframe to get braces, with added flexibility in your child’s schedule, decreased responsibilities, and more time to adapt to the sometimes unpleasant process of getting braces. Let’s dig into why you should consider the possibility of braces for you or your child this summer.

1. RIght Age

It is generally recommended that children get braces between the ages of 9 and 15. During this time period, children’s mouths are still developing, but they have adult teeth which are vital for braces to properly shape the mouth and teeth. Many insurance plans only cover the cost of braces before the age of 18, so it’s important to get them on as soon as possible after adult teeth come in. 

Whether you are considering braces for yourself or for your child, summer is a great time period to get braces. Remember that once adult teeth have developed, it is practical for people at any age to get braces, especially if you are unhappy with your smile’s current aesthetics or dealing with jaw or tooth pain. There are also a variety of different options for adult braces that can fit your specific expectations for their general look and feel. With your child out of school and many people on vacation, you’ll have more time for your own personal dentist visits and oral care. 

2. More time for oral care

Without the hustle and bustle the typical, hectic school schedule brings, your child can focus more energy on adjusting to their braces. They can also take the time to properly learn and implement recommended techniques for orthodontic care. Sometimes getting braces involves multiple appointments and frequent check-ups with your orthodontist. Summertime makes scheduling and attending these appointments a breeze.

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3. Easier Food Control

We all know children love to eat chewy candy, sweets, and other treats. During the summer you can implement a few changes to your child’s diet in order to protect their braces during this adjustment period. You’ll be able to keep an eye on what they are eating and be able to teach them which foods are braces-friendly, and which foods are braces no-gos. Consider opting for softer foods such as pudding and pancakes over crunchier foods like chips and pretzels. An added bonus is that ice cream is a braces-friendly food– a perfect treat during those steamy summer months. This mentoring period will equip your child with the knowledge to know what foods to choose when they are on their own during the school year.

4. Less Stress Around Social Factors

We all remember how stressful and confusing it is to be in middle or high school. There is a lot of pressure from peers to look, talk, or act a certain way. No one wants to be teased on their first day with braces. Stress levels are already elevated just by getting braces on your teeth and adapting to the way they look and feel. Getting braces during the summer allows for your child to adjust to the way they look and gain confidence in themselves before returning to school in the fall.

5. Head Start for the School Year

When setting out on your back-to-school shopping trips, you won’t have to worry about the added stress of numerous dental appointments and orthodontic consultations. You got it all out of the way way back in July, or maybe even in June. Luckily, it’s one more thing off your plate this year. 


Summertime is here and so are we! We at Greenspoint Dental are the orthodontic experts in North Houston, Texas. Are you ready to take the leap and schedule a braces consultation for you or your child? Reach out to our friendly team of dental professionals!