Dental Braces Services in Houston

Bad bite is more common among people than you realize. Also known as crooked teeth or maloccluded teeth, it happens the teeth are not properly aligned and may protrude over one another. Dental Braces Houston can help solve this problem. While this problem may be cosmetic in some cases, many people can suffer from difficulty in chewing, pain, or difficulty in speaking. No matter whether you are suffering from these problems, it is better to get braces before the condition can deteriorate.

Malocclusion can be hereditary in some cases, but it can also be caused by injury to the teeth or tooth loss, or the habit of thumb sucking. We at Greenspoint Dental have been providing dental braces services for over two decades and can treat different types of dental issues.

When Are Dental Braces Required

If you have crooked or crowded teeth or have recently suffered tooth loss that is making chewing or speaking difficult for you, you should consider getting Dental Braces in Houston. If you are unable to determine whether your dental condition requires braces or not, we suggest calling our office. Our staff will ask you a few questions to determine your condition and will schedule an appointment if required.

Some of the situations that require dental braces are as follows:

  • Visibly crooked or crowded teeth
  • Frequently biting or cutting your tongue with teeth
  • Difficulty in brushing around crooked teeth
  • Difficulty flossing between crooked teeth
  • Difficulty in pronouncing certain sounds
  • Teeth don’t close over each other properly
  • Jaws make noise when you first wake up or chew
  • Fatigue or stress on your jawline after chewing

We can design and fit customized Dental Braces in Houston to correct malocclusion or reduce teeth crookedness or reduce the space between the teeth. This can help in improving your oral health. Once your teeth are realigned, it becomes easier to clean them. This will also make it easier to clean the gums, thus reducing the risk of issues such as gingivitis, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

Our Dental Braces Services

The teeth are always moving and if the misalignment is not corrected using braces, new problems can arise. Dental braces help treat a wide range of dental issues including misaligned or crooked teeth, an improper bite, and a misaligned jaw. We offer the following orthodontic treatment options and options to help treat your unique condition:

Metal Dental Braces

Traditional metal braces provide an effective way to treat crowded, misaligned, and crooked teeth. We also use them to treat misaligned jaw and improper bite. Metal braces are perfect for conditions that need more extensive orthodontic treatment.

Ceramic Dental Braces

Many of our patients seek an alternative to metal braces. In such situations, we may recommend ceramic braces. These are similar to metal braces, but they are clear and are less conspicuous. We offer ceramic braces for adults, as they are larger and more fragile. All this means that these braces require more attention when it comes to your oral hygiene.

Once your dental braces are removed, retainers are fitted to maintain the dental alignment. Depending on your condition, retainers may have to be worn for up to 24 months.

Our Dental Braces Specialist

Greenspoint Dental is led by Dr. Louis P. Bosse. He has specialization in Prosthodontics and has a Fellowship in Maxillofacial Prosthetics from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. He has been practicing since 1997 and stays up-to-date with the latest in dental science through participation in regular educational seminars. If you have a dental condition that requires dental braces, give us a call at (281) 823-9987 to discuss it. You may also send us your queries using this Online Form.