Average Cost of Braces in Houston

Everyone wants a flawless smile, but many people feel that they cannot afford braces. Fortunately, newer developments and treatment techniques have not only advanced orthodontic treatment (the treatment of misaligned teeth) but lowered the cost of braces as well.

Newer advanced dental techniques such as clear aligners, which uses a series of less noticeable aligners to gently reposition teeth, have also helped to make braces more affordable than ever. Most dental plans will cover as much as half of the cost of braces for children. Additionally, some supplemental plans may provide more coverage.

Braces Are an Investment in your Smile

Traditional Braces– There are several different kinds of braces, and the cost will vary depending on the specific kind required. While they are still made of metal, newer versions of metal braces are much less visible, due to smaller brackets and updated designs. They also work much more quickly, as many incorporate heat-activated archwires that harness the power of natural body heat to move teeth into position faster and with less discomfort than ever before. Many feature colorful bands that allow kids to express their unique personality. Traditional metal braces typically cost between $3,825. and $4,950. depending on the difficulty of your situation.

Ceramic Braces– Ceramic braces are very similar to traditional metal braces in their shape and size. However, since they are tooth colored to match your teeth, they are much less noticeable. They can develop stains though, which is why the wearer needs to be shown how to properly care for them. Additionally, ceramic braces will allow teeth to move into position faster than clear aligners. Ceramic braces usually cost between $4,325 and $5.475 depending on the difficulty of your situation.

Clear Aligners– The advanced clear aligners system is a revolutionary concept in orthodontics; using a series of computer-designed custom aligners, which are replaced with new sets every two weeks, this system allows the patient to remove them whenever they eat and drink. Invisalign braces can also be removed. They are not effective for most severe dental misalignments and compliance can be a major challenge in children. They are often ideal adults. The cost for clear aligners ranges between $2,875. and $5,475 based on the difficulty and the numbers of aligners required to complete the treatment.

Retainers– After braces have been removed, your teeth will have a tendency to relapse towards their original position. Retainers are important to protecting your investment in your smile.

Retainers are typically worn for at least 24 months following the initial treatment. Retainers need to be worn as long as you want your teeth to remain in their current position. There are several main kinds of retainers which can vary in price by as much as $135. to $235. per arch.

Hawley, Essix, and Bonded Lingual Retainers

Hawley retainers, one of the most popular forms of retainers, are crafted from a combination of wire and dental acrylics. Hawley retainers are extremely durable and come in a wide range of colors. They are removable, therefore making daily home care easier.  

Essix retainers, which are also removable, are fabricated from a vacuformed material that fits snugly over each tooth, helping the teeth maintain their position. Because they are made from transparent plastic, they are not less noticeable. Being removable, they are more comfortable to wear. However, they are less durable than Hawley retainers.  

Bonded lingual retainers, in contrast to removable retainers, are permanent and bonded to your teeth. Being fixed, bonded lingual retainers are not going to get misplaced or lost. They can make home care a bit more complicated though, and care should be taken when flossing and brushing.

Dr. Bosse, a Recognized Houston Dentist

Dr. Bosse has been a prominent Houston dentist since 1997. An expert in orthodontics and all areas of dental care, Dr. Bosse always takes the time to listen to you, answer all your questions, provide gentle and effective dental care.

He can advise you about which kinds of orthodontic treatment is most suited for your needs in an initial consultation. And remember, braces aren’t just for kids. More and more adults are finally getting the beautiful smiles that they have always wanted with today’s ultra-modern, affordable braces.

Greenspoint Dental Cares About You

At Greenspoint Dental in Houston, we believe that everyone should be able to access orthodontic treatment. That’s why we will work with you to maximize your dental insurance benefits and set up a payment plan that fits within your budget.