Causes Of Bad Breath: Part 1

You brush, you floss, you rinse and you check in with your dentist two times a year. And yet you still have a problem. Bad breath, or halitosis, plagues many otherwise upstanding mouths. While “brush more” or “use mouthwash” seem like effective enough treatments, they don’t account for or treat many of the various causes of bad breath. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your oral hygiene habits. You’d be surprised by some of the things that are linked to causing bad breath. In this post, and the one following, we’ll explore five types of bad breath.clean, tongue, oral hygiene


Bad breath that originates in the lungs is either caused by a disease or serious condition, or by eating or drinking something that enters the blood. For example, people suffering from lung cancer are known to have a very distinct smell to their breath. If you suffer from asthma it can also affect your breath. The other kind of bad breath that originates in the lungs is caused by something you consume. Let’s say you’ve had a night particularly filled with alcoholic beverages. It’s the next morning and despite brushing and rinsing your breath still smells of alcohol. This is because alcohol passes through your bloodstream, and will likely still be present in your blood the following morning. Once that blood is pumped to the lungs, it releases odor that are then breathed out. The same goes for strongly scented foods like garlic. Many people attribute garlic breath’s persistence to the nature of the bulb. When in fact it can also be garlic that has passed through your blood and back up through your lungs.


Another type of bad breath can originate in your tonsils. Tonsils harbor bacteria. Besides threatening infection, that bacteria can smell pretty bad. Tonsil stones are small calcified “stones” that form and adhere to the tonsils. They are known to be directly associated with bad breath. Although they often produce any other symptoms, many people opt to have them removed, often with an oral irrigator.

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