Dental Implants- Why They Work

With a success rate of about 98%, it’s no surprise that dental implants are considered a strong alternative to dentures or bridges. But, why are these implants so successful? Dental implants are essentially replacement tooth roots. There are many advantages to dental implants including overall quality of life and improved oral health. If you’ve suffered damage to your teeth and are considering implants, there are many positives to take into account.

1) Improved Appearance & Comfort: Dental implants are structured to look and feel like real teeth- so unlike with dentures which aren’t always a comfortable or convincing substitute for real teeth, your confidence in your smile will remain. Implants are also fused to bone, making them permanent, removing the discomfort of removable falses like dentures.

2) You’ll Speak Better: Dentures that aren’t fitted correctly or are uncomfortable can cause you to mumble or slip up your words when speaking. Implants, however, are fitted to the bone, allowing you to speak freely and easily.

3) Eating is Easier: Chewing with dentures can be difficult if they slide around or aren’t tight on the mouth. Implants work and feel like real teeth, so chewing is more natural. Implants also remove the pain that may be associated with getting used to dentures.

4) Improved Oral Health: When getting a tooth-supported bridge, teeth must be reduced- implants don’t require this. With implants, the rest of your teeth are left intact and individual implants allow for more space between teeth for easier cleaning.

5) Durability & Convenience: Most implants will last a lifetime with proper care. They’re durable and strong like your natural teeth. Implants are also more convenient than bridges or dentures- they’re not unsightly and they don’t have to be frequently removed. Once implants are in place, that’s it. They’re there for life. There’s also no adhesive involved for implants as there is for dentures.

Implants need the same oral care as our teeth- regular brushing and flossing. Be sure not to let your oral hygiene slide after getting your new implants.

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