Dental Myth-Busting

greenspoint dental myths“Don’t eat all of that chocolate or your teeth will fall out.” We have all probably heard that or something similar from our mom or dad. And there are probably other “dental myths” that you’ve heard along the way. If you have concerns about some dental myths, no fear, the myth-busting is here.

Dental Myths: Busted

  • Myth: Sugar will make your teeth fall out.
    Truth: It’s not about how much sugar you have, it’s more about how long you let it linger in your mouth. It is actually less harmful if you eat three chocolate bars and brush your teeth afterward than if you had one chocolate bar and did not brush at all. This isn’t saying to eat all of the candy you want, but it’s worth remembering to rinse after you eat sweets to rid of the bacteria that can eat at your enamel.
  • Myth: Bad brushing = bad breath.
    Truth: Brushing habit is only one factor of bad breath. Food definitely affects your breath; if you eat a lot of garlic or onion, brushing will not resolve bad breath right away. Illnesses are also a factor that can contribute to bad breath. If you brush and floss regularly, bad breath should not be a dental problem. If you’re still worried, make an appointment and ask your dental professional.
  • Myth: Don’t brush bleeding gums.
    Truth: If your gums are bleeding, it’s because there is food buildup along your gum line and you should definitely brush. Bleeding or irritated gums also might be due to sensitivity from flossing. Brush gently and floss regularly; if your gums continue to bleed, you should see your dental professional.
  • Myth: Too much teeth bleaching will weaken my teeth.
    Truth: At-home teeth bleaching/whitening are much safer than they used to be. The only general rule is to just use as directed. Too much teeth bleaching will not weaken the enamel but it will remove natural pigmentation and your teeth will appear translucent. Some side effects to too much teeth bleaching include sensitivity and gum irritation.

After knowing the truth about these common dental myths, are you still worried about making your dental appointment? You shouldn’t be, we’re here to help. Call Greenspoint Dental today for any questions or to schedule an appointment.